Monday, December 18, 2006

Tristian's 1st Birthday!

Yesterday was Tristian's first birthday! we had a little party at Pizza Hut for him (since our house was a disaster zone!). Here are a few pictures of the celebrations...

After a long day of partying :) ....

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dad's Home!!

So Kevin finally came home late afternoon yesterday! It was a pretty exciting time.. Tristian was being such a show-off to his dad :) it was pretty cute! We had the loader and dump truck here, plowing the parking lot where we rent; Tristian was just enthrawled with it!

Monday, December 11, 2006

my cutie pa-tootie :)

I got some more pics of my little trouble maker :) I love this guy so much i just want to squish him.. well, not really squish him, but you know what i mean.. just pinch his cheeks or somethin..

On this one he is actually sitting inside the little cubby space :)

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's getting closer...

I can hardly believe it. Pretty soon we will be in our new house!! I went to the house today to take a look at it - and the floor people were just finished so here are some pics of the floors. Altogether I was actually a little disappointed in the overall look together - it just didn't have the 'wow! I love it!' but I have to remember that its not all done yet. Also the flooring and walls are similar in color, so once I get the contrasting pieces in it may all come together. I do like it tho, but I will let you see and tell me what you think.. :)
Entryway stairs..
Kitchen/pantry area Dinning room area..

Living room (and no the blue stuff is not staying..)
I was just thinking.. the baseboards are not all on yet and that will make a difference too.. and actually the more i look at these pictures the more i think i like it.. funny.. :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

It's final!

So we are officially moving into our house in December.. or we have to now because I gave our notice for our appartment! or we will be homeless :) I can't believe it!! only 18 more days!! I better get a move on and start packing more instead of sitting here at my computer bloggin :) So we went to go visit my hubby for a few days - it was really nice to see him again and Tristian had a great time playing with his dad and his birthday present :) Kevin bought a wagon for TJ's birthday and I took it home with us. Tristian has this facination with wheels.. he is such a boy it's not even funny :) Anyone want to help me pack??? :) that's what i thought :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our House

I was so excited today! I went to go and drop off the light fixtures for our house and I took some pictures to show you... The first one is the living room area and window, second is the bathroom, third the front entry, fourth the kitchen area and pantry and space where the fridge is gonna go (cupboards are not in yet), fifth is the dining room area facing south were the deck is gonna go one day :) enjoy!!

This is getting me so excited!! I can hardly wait until move in .. Dec 18!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not so much fun..

So I spent last night doing laundry.. you ask why? well my boy is sick, he's caught the flu bug. He was sick all night, I felt so bad for him.. i would just get him all cleaned up in clean clothes and all of that and then he would get all sick again all over himself (and me too) :) joys of motherhood :) but the funny thing is that if you would come over and see my little boy, you'd never think he's sick (except for the funny smell coming from his room) he's all smiles and talking and still crawling and going everywhere.. my little trooper.. hopefully he's done with it for the winter now.. anyway hope you all are enjoying your days (who ever is reading this). Now I gotta go finish laundry :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Opportunity or not??

Yesterday as I went with Kevin to the shop to send him off to work, I came across an opportunity or something like that.. There is a position available for Trinidad, it's the perfect job, as receptionist, perfect hours, good pay, it's hard to resist. If I didn't have a child I would be there in a second, but I do have Tristian... the ultimate question.. should I go back to work?? It's a monday to friday, 8-4:30, 15$/hour and the type of work I enjoy.. only thing is IF i found a daycare I'd only get to spend from 5pm to about 8-8:30 pm with my son (3 hours!!).. now I have always been the person to say 'why have kids if you are gonna let someone else raise them?', but now it's oh so tempting.. and the other thing is, it just seems that the timing is off.. the position starts Dec.1 we are moving on Dec. 18 and I have a lot of things that I need to do (packing/cleaning) and Kevin's not gonna be back here until it's time to move. So I have my work cut out for me.. I am confused and unsure what to do.. but I am thinking that maybe this is not my time (since the timing is off) and maybe there is something else even more 'perfect' that will come my way.. what do you think?

My little man on the move..

Well Kevin has gone back to work again.. I had him home for two weeks (which was a treat) and he was working from 8-5 so that means he still gets a bit of a paycheck (instead of none when he has days off).. plus we remained sain in this house because he wasn't sitting around all day for two weeks!! (when that happens i just want to kick him out for a few hours so i can get some stuff done :) So last night was tough, but the neighbor boy came over to play computer games and a girlfriend of mine came to visit - so the evening past quickly.. and since all of Kevin's suitcases were out of the living room I was able to clean it up so my little man could move around on the floor again :) And boy did he move..

Mom I have no time to look at your camera, I'm busy... :) Well I am wishing I could be out in Saskatchewan right about now, I would have liked to catch up to all of you that are out there at Alumni, but I guess that's not always possible..

By the way I have a question for you Bloggers out there.. should I change over to that new version or not? I do not have a google account, just a blogger one. Is it really better?

Monday, November 13, 2006

TJ's been busy...

My little boy has been busy learning to do new things :) This past week he has surprised us and learned how to sit up by himself.. this in turn gives him the opportunity to learn a few other things.. one day I walked into TJ's room and found him like this..

Here are some other priceless shots of Tristian..

Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's CCCold outside :)

So after like 2 feet of snow (at least) in a week or so, it decided to get cold out. We had a chilly -8 for the last while, but this morning it went down to -22 C ! I guess we better get used to it since that's the average temperature during the winter here (if not colder). My little boy figures that no winter gear will stop him from playing with his toys :) The yellow mittens were a baby gift when TJ was born, they are the cute mittens on a string :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Special Event this past October

In the beginning of October I went home to La Crete with Tristian and a friend of mine that had just had her baby. I made it a special priority that me, my mom and my Grandma go to visit a special man.. I have always known him as Great-Grandpa Peters.. I have never really gotten to know my Great Grandpa Peters as he has many Great-Grandchildren, but now there is a special connection - I gave birth to his very first Great-Great-Grandchild.. Tristian! I think it is amazing and I hope that one day Tristian will also realize how special these next few pictures are... by the way my Great Grandpa is 91 years old from this summer..

My Great Grandpa commented several times about Tristian's overalls, that they make them so small, and they look just like the real thing (they have that same little loop where my Great Grandpa would have put his hammer when he was working). He just couldn't get over that :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ohhh Winnie the Pooh..

So Tristian went trick or treating with mom and Benita (the neighbors daughter)... he got so many candies! good thing he will not get to eat most of them, but i'm sure by next year mom will not get to take them away so easily :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our trip to visit dad...

This last week me and Tristian drove to Edson to visit Kevin as he has been working there for a little while now. Of course Tristian got a gift from his dad when we got there, so the boys had to check it out...

The boys just needed to hang out after a hard nights drive.. :)

Look what happened last night...

Yesterday was a really nice day outside maybe about +6 or so?? and we wake up this morning and it's not quite the same story!!

This was the first time that Tristian has got to wear his snowsuit, and he sure enjoys the mittens... it's so cute he looks at them and waves 'bye-bye' to himself...

If you look at the vehicles in the background of the picture you will see, that is a LOT of snow in one night (looks like almost a foot of snow).. and it's still snowing lightly... ahhh soon it will be Christmas... "Snowflakes falling softly, lightly to the ground, everybody knows Santa's comin round..." (that was for you mom and dad) :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

How my boy has grown..

As all mothers would know about, I am proud of my sweetheart Tristian and love to show off his pictures. So here goes, here is my son's story.