Friday, May 29, 2009

Been Busy

Here are a few words to tell you what I've been up to... travelling, camping, painting, gardening, sidewalk, kids, daycare kids... Summertime is in full swing??? More to come, when I get a break :) lol..

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am SO sore today!!! Yesterday I started a BIG project, putting in a sidewalk beside my house (through my garden).. I got a really good start, I tilled everything and got about 1/3 of the sidewalk done.. I can't wait to get it finished!! Although I may have to wait a while, since it's supposed to rain/snow a lot of the week..

that took me all day.. well until about 6:30pm.. then I called it quits for the evening.. in other news K got a haircut, and even though it's not totally a 'style' but it looks so much more cleaned up.. I am also working on a summer SURPRISE birthday bash for my DH, even though his birthday is not until winter (but no one wants to drive in the winter) and I finally got ahold of some of his friends/co-workers that he has talked to in a long time.. and I'm really excited and hope everyone can come that I've invited..

So my daycare kids are down from 3 to one now, which has been a nice little change. I have more time now for outside/garden stuff (and of course time for the kids). I also managed to pick up reminant carpet FOR FREE for our basement, I so can't wait to get that set up too!! So much going on :)

So you've heard of Wordless Wednesdays.. well here is a Sleepy Sunday kind of picture I just had to share :) (I love sleeping babies!!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

This Mother's day has been pretty incredible! Maybe because I missed my kids and have really been enjoying having them back! Maybe because my parents spent the weekend here (and I got to celebrate my mother!) Either way, I feel like my hearts just been filled with love and joy.. and here is a few pics of my joyous inspirations

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Well it's the middle of the week without kids, and you'd think I would have posted already.. I've been really busy cleaning up the house, working on cleaning up the basement, running to different appointments up town, going on 'dates' and all sorts of things :) You wouldn't believe how nice it is to clean up the house and have it stay that way!!! I do really miss the kids though! I talked to TJ on the phone the other day - it was really nice, and it was great that he didn't get too sad, he was just so excited to tell me all the things he'd done at Grandma's house :) My mom is doing a great job too! I'm glad it's all working out well :) so there's my little update.. I'll write more soon :)