Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wishing You All a Merry Christmas!!

This may be my last post for a while. It is confirmed that my husband is coming home tomorrow and then on Christmas eve we will be travelling to my parents. We have all really been looking forward to this break!! We have so many things that we are hoping to do while out there! My son has been having melt downs several times a day about the fact that he thinks we need to go to Grandma's TODAY! Even without Daddy :) He just wants to go! So needless to say, we are planning on having a great time during the holidays! When I get back, I hope to have a bunch of pictures :) Don't forget the reason for the season! So here I am wishing you all a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday Pictures

I took a few pictures on TJ's birthday. I made TJ a cake (didn't have time to decorate it, but the kids don't care). We then went to McDonalds playplace (one of TJ's favorite things to do) and coincidence would have it that there were some kids there that we knew (my cousin's kids, they are similar ages to my kids).
We then went out for an evening sleigh ride (pulled by horses decked out in jingle bells and everything!!) at a local park that was decorated with Christmas lights!
All in all, I say it was a pretty good birthday for my boy, especially considering he was sleeping by the time we got home from the sleigh ride :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthing Day - 4 years later :)

A big shout out to my boys.. each of them having a birthday!! My little TJ just turned 4. That's right F-O-U-R!!!!!! I still remember his birth day like it was yesterday! I remember not being able to sleep at all that night (I was being induced) and around 5am I would wake up every hour. I remember watching the numbers on my clock turn from 6:59 to 7:00! I slowly jumped out of bed, grabbed the phone to call the hospital (to see if they had room for me to come in). Any of you that know me know that I am NOT an early bird at all!! Butterflies in my stomach!! Sure enough they had room but told me to shower and have a light breakfast and call back. So I followed orders, and shortly called back. They told me that the Dr. was going to be late so I should take my time making my way to the hospital. Let me tell you it's hard to 'take your time' when you are so excited to meet your baby!! Either way by 9am I was in the hospital bed being monitered (they moniter for a good 1/2 hr before induction). By 9:30am we were told that the Dr. was going to be a little late (because he'd been up late the night before at a Christmas party, lol) but was on his way. 10am arrived and so did the Dr. :) I was induced. My beautiful baby boy was born at 5:31pm! 7lbs 1oz, 21" long. I didn't have a very good first night, even the nurse didn't know what to do to make my little TJ stop crying at one point. So by morning lets just say I was extremely emotional and by the time I went home I had the baby blues! Four days after my little TJ was born, we travelled to my hometown for Christmas (about a 6 hour drive). Christmas eve we decided to go in to the ER in the next town because my mom noticed what looked like the start of thrush. We quickly got in to see the Dr. and the kindhearted pharmacist unlocked the doors so we could get our perscription and head back home! It was a good Christmas. Although I was pretty emotional at the drop of a hat. Early morning on boxing day we left my hometown and drove about 16 or 17hours to my husband's family. We had a good time there as well, showing off our newest addition. We travelled back home on New Years day (about 11 hours) and then we finally had a few days to settle in at home as a family. We had a few days together and then my husband went back to work... or away to work. He then left for 3 weeks of work (which is standard for his work especially at that time of year). So there I was, all the whirlwind of the holidays over, just me and my baby boy at home to figure out all of this 'baby' thing :) Lets just say there were a lot of sleepless nights (yes probably a lot of them I felt sorry for myself) and sleeping all morning/afternoon while TJ was napping.
Long story short, Happy birthday to my big boy! Mommy loves you so much and I hope you had a very special birthday! You are and always will be mommy's precious boy, with your lopsided grin and infectious giggle. Your facination towards anything that is somewhat mechanical or seems mysterious (like how does that work??). You can be so loving and concerned for you sister, trying to comfort her when she's upset. You always have so many questions and so many things to say! I love trying to help you learn and understand how things work. I am trying my very best to teach you many important things in developing your character and every now and then you show me a glimpse of sucess :) I am so glad that I can be your Mommy and pray that everyday I can realize and remember that you are a gift, not to be taken for granted!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet Morning Find

Lately my kids have been getting up earlier than usual, but staying in their room. The first few mornings this has resulted in them destroying their room!! This morning was different. I had to get up earlier than usual. The kids didn't hear me get up. I peaked in their room, and what did I find? A sweet surprise!! They were both sitting on K's little bed and TJ was reading a book to K! Not only was TJ reading the book, but he was explaining things to her too! I didn't disturb the two, but continued on my morning. After I finished my morning routine, I checked in on the kids again and they were both busy climbing into the closet together, with their blankets :) I snuck in and surprised and cuddled them both! Then for the next 30 minutes we all cuddled on the loveseat, playing and sharing and being silly... what a difference from the usual fighting and bickering that I've been dealing with for the last few weeks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Much do You Love Your Children?

Maybe that's an odd question. Just follow my thoughts. How much do you love your children? On the days where they listen to you, play nicely together, help each other, co-operate with you and others things seem easy. It is easy to love your children on those days. One might even say those are the days that bless you the most as you can see your hard work and disciplining measures at work: the rewards of teaching children!!

What about the hard days? Tantrums and tears? Screaming and disobeying? The days where your kids bicker with each other, constantly fighting and pushing each other's buttons just to rile the other up. The days where you have to grab the collar of their jacket while they are kicking and screaming because they don't see the vehicle coming across the parking lot that you do. Or the times you are so tired of them not listening that you let them fall off the couch they are jumping on so they can learn the hard way. Do you love your children in those hard times? You must think I've lost it, the answer is a resounding "Of course!!!"

Even when we get tired, even when we get frustrated with the little one's antics, even when we think we are ready to pull out our hair, we love the kiddos more than one can express!! Many of the things we do on the hard days we do BECAUSE we love our children and want them to learn and to protect them. Now I don't know about you, but in my 4 yrs of being a mother, I know I have had some pretty bad days. Do you remember exactly what your kids did that made you have a bad day? I don't. Every night, even after a rough day, I still tuck my kids into bed, shower them with hugs and kisses and tell them I love them. It doesn't matter what happens in the rough times, at the end of the day they are still my children and my heart still overflows with joy and love for them!

This may not seem like anything new for some of you mothers, but recently a friend revealed a truth to me. A truth that may seem trivial or something that you and I really already know, but it was said so plainly to me that it's impact seemed resounding! You see there are many different displays of God's relationship with us, the parent child relationship is one of those. Read through the last few paragraphs again, can you see it? No matter what we've done, the mistakes we've made, at the end of the day our Father's heart overflows with love for us. He doesn't see us as the bad things we've done, He just sees His child! It is a freeing thought that once you have asked to be forgiven of sin, that you no longer are defined by it!

How much do you love your children? How much more does the Father love His children?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Letter to Santa

Translation: Dear Santa, I want a monkey. (TJ's name) He did it all himself! (he's almost 4)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What a Great Idea for Advent!!

A friend saw this in the newspaper this weekend and thought it deserved to be passed along! Please feel free to copy and paste and tag others.

Advent Calenders mark the beginning of the Christmas season - A time for giving and celebration. This advent Sharing Calender takes it one step futher. It helps us to be mindful of those in need everyday of the year and reminds us how truly fortunate Canadians (and Americans) are. To create your own Advent Sharing Calender take a small box or coffee can and put a slot in the lid, then wrap it in Christmas paper. Each day of Advent, monetary gifts are added to the box. At the end of the holiday season, send a cheque to your favorite charity. Gifts should be added as follows:

December 1 - For every finger and toe on your children's hands and feet, intact and unblemished by landmines - add 5 cents. Landmines have killed or injured more then 70,000 Afghans in the past 2 decades.

December 2 - For every female in your family who is free to go to school, pursue a career, or walk openly in the street, add 50 cents.

December 3 - Add 10 cents for everytime you've voted in a democratically held election

December 4 - Add $1 if your drinking water is safe. An estimated 5 million people die every year from illnesses caused by drinking poor quality water. 1.1 billion people lack access to safe water.

December 5 - Add 25 cents to every shower or bath taken by members of your family today. Two and a half billion people lack access to water for sanitation.

December 6 - Add $1 if you attended a church service today. Millions of people all over the world are persecuted for worship.

December 7 - Add 50 cents if you can name your family doctor. Add $1 if you've paid a visit to his or her office this year.

December 8 - Add 5 cents for every year of your life untouched by civil war or conflict.

December 9 - if you live above sea level, add $1. The World Health Organization estimates that 150, 000 people die every year as a result of global warming. Many of them will drown in low lying costal areas.

December 10 - If you have flood insurance, put a loonie in the box and count yourself lucky.

December 11 - Add 25 cents for every toy gun in your house (don't forget video games)

December 12 - Add 25 cents for every time you have called 911.

December 13 - If you have a permanent address for more then 6 mths add a $1.

December 14 - If you have open access to information through newspapers, tv, internet or radio, add $1.

December 15 - Add 50 cents if you've ever written a letter to the editior. Add $1 if its been posted.

December 16 - Add 1 cent fo revery book that you own. If you own more then 200 books, add $2.

December 17 - Add 50 cents for everyone in your family or circle of friends that serves the public as a member fo the armed forces, police, fire or ambulance. Now call them and say Thank You.

December 18 - Add 50 cents for every on of your children that attends a publicly funded school. An estimated one billion adults are illiterate. Two thirds of them are women.

December 19 - add $1 if you've ever sought legal council.

December 20 - Add $1 if you've been called to jury duty. Add $2 if you've been privileged enough to serve.

December 21 - On this, the darkest day of the year, add 2 cents for every light bulb in your house. Don't forget your Christmas lights.

December 22 - if your free to visit with family and friends over the holidays add $1.

December 23 - Add $1 if you've sung Christmas carols this season. Add $2 if you've sung them in public.

December 24 - When the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care, add 25 cents for every gift under the tree.

December 25 - If your family celebrates Christmas Day with a sumptuous feast add $5.

December 26 - If you recycle Christmas wrappings and boxes add $1

December 27 - If you Add $1 if you had fast food today. One billion people suffer from obesity in the developed world. In the developing world, one billion people are starving.

December 28 - If you have a prescription drug program add $1.

December 29 - If you have a pension plan add $2.

December 30 - if you have ever collected EI or disability benefits add $2.

December 31 - Add $5 if you attend or host a New Years Eve bash.

January 1 - Add 10 cents for everyone you called to say "Happy New Year"

January 2 - Add a loonie for every member of your family who received the flu shot this year.

January 3 - Add 50 cents for every member of your family who has lived past 70 years. In Zambia life expectancy dropped from 44 to 33 years between 1990 and 2000.

January 4 - Consider how fortunate you are. Then consider that 50% of the worlds children live in povery - add $2.

January 5 - Sit down with your family and decide where you would like to send the contents of your Advent Sharing Box. Suggestings include Unicef, local shelter, etc.

January 6 - (The Epiphany) Add up the contents fo your box and then send a cheque to the charity of your choice.

I've decided that me and the kids are going to try our ABSOLUTE best to follow this. I think it will be good for both me and the kids.. so here is our box: