Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet Morning Find

Lately my kids have been getting up earlier than usual, but staying in their room. The first few mornings this has resulted in them destroying their room!! This morning was different. I had to get up earlier than usual. The kids didn't hear me get up. I peaked in their room, and what did I find? A sweet surprise!! They were both sitting on K's little bed and TJ was reading a book to K! Not only was TJ reading the book, but he was explaining things to her too! I didn't disturb the two, but continued on my morning. After I finished my morning routine, I checked in on the kids again and they were both busy climbing into the closet together, with their blankets :) I snuck in and surprised and cuddled them both! Then for the next 30 minutes we all cuddled on the loveseat, playing and sharing and being silly... what a difference from the usual fighting and bickering that I've been dealing with for the last few weeks!


Andrea said...

Isn't it just the sweetest when you find them doing stuff like that?! Makes all the 'refereeing' worth it! :)

emily said...

that's incredible! can't wait till mine do that:)

Michelle said...

Thats too sweet, I can totally see it now :)