Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Fun in the Summer

This summer my husband and TJ went fishing quite a bit. It's been great that they can have some 'boy' time! I really appreciate that they have found something to both enjoy as father/son time is SO incredibly important in my eyes. As great as a mom can be, nothing is the same as the time they can spend together! One time me and my daughter joined the boys at a local fishing spot and the kids had a fantastic time! K caught her first fish and TJ caught about 3! It was so cute, everytime when someone caught a fish, when it first dragged up on the shore, flopping around, K would let out a loud squeal of delight!

hehe.. it looks like our dog is smelling the flowers :)
TJ trying to help K real in her line, and yes that is a Barbie, light-up fishing rod :)

TJ trying to hold onto his fish as it's flopping around, so I can take a picture :)
K's first fish!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pictures to come...

This week has been crazy.. but wonderful!! Filled with pre-school, playdates, cleaning, princess birthday party, grandparents, swimming, shopping, friends, a massage (yay for me), and there is more to come. I am looking forward to seeing more family, a wedding, a Dr's appointment, dinner out. It's funny, I thought that with not having daycare kids anymore that I would have more time. Seems that I have just filled it in with more stuff :) I am enjoying it though! I might as well since once baby #3 comes around I will probably be a home-body for a little bit until things settle down :) I can't promise when pictures will be posted, as you can tell I have a full schedule :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Last night, all night and this morning I have been dealing with something really frustrating!! Lower back and tailbone/pelvic pain. This morning has been particularly difficult since I can't just do what I need to do! I am literally reduced to 1/2 a step at a time and hanging on to things in order to walk. Let me tell you when it takes 5-10 minutes to get across to the kitchen and back to get breakfast going for the little ones it's very frustrating!! I was reduced to tears between the pain and frustration of not being able to just DO what I needed to do. So much for my plans of doing Saturday cleaning today! Although I'm hoping that if I try to move around enough that it will 'warm-up' my muscles enough that I can at least walk half normal to get a few simple things done. It's kind of a weird feeling. Sometimes I can step and it doesn't feel too bad and then the next time I move in the same way (thinking it didn't hurt last time) and pain goes searing through my hips - not fun! Sorry to be a complainer today, I just really hope that I don't have to deal with this for the next 4-6 weeks!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Still Here :)

I've been wanting to post for a while now but I really wanted to post a picture and as luck would have it, my kids have hidden my camera! I have looked everywhere - those little monkeys of mine like to snitch things and then they have these 'nests' where they collect various things. So far I haven't found the one hosting my camera yet, haha.

So, from my last post, I am thinking that there is a really good chance that baby has dropped. I guess we will see on Tuesday (my next Dr appointment) if my guess is correct. I have been having a lot of fun with lower back and tailbone pain (I am really hoping that this is not a preview of what's to come: back-labour). I have also recently been feeling some sciatic nerve pain (I had it with my daughter too) which is never comfortable, but thankfully not as much as when I was pregnant with her. Interesting thing, the other night when I got to go out for coffee with a bunch of ladies, I got several interesting comments. "you look so small" (thank you a million times, even if it's not 100% true it's way nicer to hear than the opposite). The other comment came from a good friend of mine, she mentioned that I was carrying much more in front versus how I carried around more with my daughter. This got me thinking. Maybe it is a boy... haha.. I guess we'll see soon enough. Just this last week 3 women in my church had babies, all three were girls! I think I am the next one due and so I am curious if I will continue the pattern or break it :)

In other news, last week was happy birthday to me :) That was the reason for the ladies coffee, there are three of us that share the same birthday. So for my birthday, I got to sleep in (YAY!!) and then as I was relaxing enjoying the quiet, my mom called to say happy birthday. So my kids, realizing I was awake, crawled into bed with me and gave me some sweet birthday snuggles and 'happy birthday's'. I just love the fact that they can now realize what birthdays are about.. it was so fun. We had a family type day. We went to the theater to see Despicable Me in 3D - they loved it :) It was very enjoyable!

It seems that with September on the calender page, everything has become so busy! Weddings, showers, cleaning out the garden (the weather seems to be telling us that it is definitely fall!), canning, appointments. All sorts of stuff has been going on! It's not stopping either, tomorrow is my son's first day at pre-school this year. I think we are both looking forward to him going back! Next week is my daughter's birthday and my parents are coming up for part of the week and there is a family wedding that Saturday too (in two weeks, minus one day) . I will promise to try and keep up on here, posting a little here and there so you will know how things are going with baby and whether or not baby has made an appearance :)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Dropped or Not?

I have never really noticed, or known when my baby dropped (or maybe they just didn't until just before labor). This morning when I woke up I felt different. I was thinking that maybe the baby had dropped and that's why things felt a little different. Now that baby is moving around things don't feel so different anymore - so now I don't think baby dropped at all, probably just soundly asleep. (baby normally wakes up as soon as I get up, sounds weird, but at this point I can really tell the baby's sleep/awake cycle) Did you notice a definite time in your pregnancy when baby dropped? Or did it happen just before labor for you? If it happened a while before labor, how did you know for sure? Was it obvious or just slight differences? Did it happen at considerable different times for different children (early or just before labor)?

It's not that I want to go into labor yet, plus the baby engaging does not necessarily mean that you will go into labor really soon, it's just one more step to let you know that things are moving forward. Plus it definitely helps with breathing easier and less heartburn (or so I've read). On another note, I had fun yesterday folding some tiny itty bitty baby things :) I got out my newborn onesies and sleepers that are unisex in color and a few items in pink and a few in blue. I also laundered my receiving blankets as well. I figure I may as well enjoy all the tiny stuff while it's still new and fun (doing loads of tiny clothes can get tiring fast). One step closer to having my suitcase packed :)