Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My hubby has finally come home!! for good this time I hope :) It's so nice to be a family again! Plus now we get to have our 'summer holidays', we are going to visit both sides of the family during Kevin's time off. So it'll be nice to get out for a bit.. Latest baby news, I've really been feeling the baby kick and move around at least once a day so that got me excited! It's just tiny little bumps and movements, I just imagine those tiny little feet...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

one more month...

So we thought that my hubby was done for the season when he got another job to do.. so he's gone one more time.. this time it could be up to a month!! which really sucks because that means I've gotta find something to do by myself to celebrate our anniversary next week! Oh well, I've been trying not to have too much of a pity party for myself with all of these pregnancy hormones and such :) But I have been thinking of going home for Easter since I won't have anything better to do..

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Table pics & 14 weeks preggo pics

Here are the pics you've been waiting for :) or at least I have!! These two pics are of my new table set.. sorry for the boxes in the background, I haven't convinced my hubby to take them out yet (they are from unpacking the table).. altho I guess it's not completely his fault since he is at work today, in town. (He is back from work and done for the season for the most part - but helps out at the shop for some extra $$)
Sorry I couldn't rotate the picture, but you get the point :) and here's my little belly at 14 weeks.. I actually got my first comment of "are you pregnant/when's your due date?" altho it was from a 17 year old girl that could have embarressed herself since I was wearing a sweater and could easily have been just a little overweight :) I thought it was cute tho :)

So there you have it folks.. these are all the pics I have for you today. Enjoy!!

Thanks for the help...

So yesterday I started putting my table together.. table worked out good.. and then i started on the chairs, I almost finished two of them (I only had to put the seat on and 4 screws) and then i needed a break.. remember I'm preggo guys.. so I took a 30-40 min nap :) it was really nice! and then in the evening we had some friends come over and they actually helped me put together the rest of my chairs!! and we found out that I had not paid attention to one detail and had to redo a bunch of stuff on the chairs i had already almost finished!! oh well.. with help it didn't take long to finish everything and it looks so good!! I am so happy, I've been waiting since Christmas to get a table and chairs!! I will try to upload some pics this afternoon so you can see :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just another day...

Andrea, you are so funny, I loved the comment on your blog about looking and reading everyone elses blog before updating your own.. that's exactly what I do :) haha.. and then I too feel like I actually need to do something with my day :) So today my hubby is coming home.. he is finally done work :) YAY.. altho that means that we are really gonna have to moniter spending since there will not be an income for a few months (we have saved up for it).. but it'll be so nice to finally have my man at home again, but you just watch, give it a week and I'll be ready for him to get out of the house for a few hours a day :) oh well :) and tomorrow I am FINALLY getting my table set - we have been without for a while already.. but i'm a little nervous about putting it together without wrecking it.. and this afternoon I am picking my parents up from the airport - it's nice to have a busy day once in a while :) oh and we had about a foot of snow the other night and I have fun trying not to get stuck in my driveway - my car is so low that it drags the snow :) joys of spring/winter is still here season :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

12 1/2 week check up

So on monday I had my Dr's appointment... when the nurse weighed me I asked her how much weight I had gained and she surprisingly told me that I had lost weight!! That surprised me a lot, and then she told me I had lost 4 pounds!!! That means I am at the weight that I was when I got pregnant with Tristian, which I hadn't been able to get to before I got preggo this time... funny.. altho I was a little concerned as I was at the crucial time of 12 weeks and wanted to make sure the baby was ok, it seemed to take forever for the Dr to come in. I didn't get to hear the baby's heartbeat as the Dr couldn't find it with the doppler, altho he said that it was a little early. So he did an ultrasound with his Ebay ultrasound machine :) and he had a hard time getting a good picture of the baby because he/she was moving around so much!! So that made me feel a lot better :) and he found the heart beating away and everything was just fine.. Thank you God!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Middle of the night...

Tristian has always been pretty good at sleeping throughout the night, but then around 10 or 11 months or so (it's hard to remember exactly, but I think it's also the time he started really working on a lot of teeth too) he started waking up around 3 am for a bottle. Normally he'd sleep all night, get up at 7am or so for a bottle and then go back to bed until around 9-9:30.. but 3 am, ouch! But out of the blue a few nights ago he slept through the whole night and got up at 8:30am in the morning.. I was so confused in the morning, did I feed him and just not remember, or did he not get up.. I could not remember for the life of me!! But then me and my mom got to talking about his middle of the night feedings - I had been wondering if he really was hungry or if that was just a sort of soother for him to go back to sleep.. so my mom suggested trying something different if he woke up again. So I decided I wanted to break Tristian's habit of waking up at 3 am (which was also sometimes 1:30-2am!!).. That night when Tristian woke up at 6 am, I changed his diaper and got his sippy cup (with water) and tried to give him some and try to settle him down to sleep again.. well when I gave him that sippy cup he broke out into an all out tantrum, he lay on his stomach and screamed at me (he was MAD!!). I put his cup inside his crib and thought to myself, I am the mom, this is my decision and I want to stick to it (it's hard when you're tired and have to hear your child crying and screaming and you know what will sooth it in a second!!) So I sat outside his bedroom door and just waited, praying for patience and the will to know that I was doing the right thing.. after probably 10 minutes or so, he slowly stopped crying, then I heard him sit down and start drinking from his cup!!! After he was done he went back to sleep!!! WOW! what a feeling of success in winning a battle! The next night - he never woke up during the night! so lets see if this is a new trend :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

12 Weeks Finally!!!

I am excited to have finally made it to 12 weeks, it's seems to take so long, yet not really when looking back on it.. So I hope everything is well as I continue along - my Dr's appointment is on monday and then I'll know for sure :) so here is a pic of my little bump, it doesn't look that big - but i took the picture in the morning, and usually by evening it looks bigger (since i'm usually bloated or feeling that way)

Sorry I couldn't get my face in too, but I didn't have a place high enough to put my camera :) I've been feeling better and feeling like I have more energy which is nice.. altho things can still get a little rough with my boy, he's working on teeth and so periodically feels like he needs all of mom's attention and when he doesn't get it right away will let you know :)
Look at those sad puppy eyes :) my little sweetheart, but he is not unhappy all of the time.. he's got a pretty good temperament mostly, but I know we will have fun adjusting to baby #2 with him - because he will have to learn how to share his mom :) I found it kinda cute, last time I met Kevin in Valleyview for a visit, I think Tristian wasn't sure what to think about Dad kissing Mom and giving her cuddles - he looked as tho he might be a little jealous, like that's my Mom! haha.. oh yes the joys of a momma's boy :) but it's really not his fault cuz i'm all he has on a regular basis - things are gonna change this spring with having Kevin home during break-up and I know it's gonna be so hard for him when kevin goes back to work in the summer! oh well, no time to be borrowing trouble :) One day at a time :)