Sunday, August 26, 2007

37 weeks pics and more :)

A girlfriend of mine loves photography so I got her to come over and take some pregnancy pics for me (Thanks Michelle!!). It was just fun and kinda casual - we took them in my dinning room.. Here are some of the ones I like the best.

It was a lot of fun as you can tell :) So I'm not sure when people do this, but I figure now's a good time as any.. I would like some guesses about times, weights, dates, etc. as to this baby. I will let you know a little info on my son (firstborn) he was overdue by a week when I got induced, he was born naturally on Saturday, December 17/05 at 5:31pm and he weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz and was 21 inches long. With that pregnancy I gained 37 lbs overall and so far at week 36 I have gained 24 lbs overall with this pregnancy. I have been having some braxton hicks off and on these last two weeks, but at my 36 week appointment the Dr. said that the cervix was still high and I haven't dropped yet (I didn't drop when pregnant with my son). I am due on September 13.. I am looking forward to see what you guys all think :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yes I'm still here..

I figured that maybe I should post something or else you may begin to wonder where I am :) I have really been getting sore, but otherwise doing well! I have also been having some contractions here and there but nothing steady... In other news, we are really enjoying having a new truck (for Kevin's job) but we really need this rain to stop so he can get back to work!! Here's a family picture of us at Kevin's last jobsite.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm really excited about this contest - I think it would be perfect for the little girl that I'm expecting :) They are the cutest little hairclips and they are especially made for baby fine hair!! Check it out at Mom Views if you would like to enter the contest for $50 worth of No Slippy Hair Clippys :)Also.. Adventures in Babywearing is holding a contest with Baby Dagny for a Baby Dagny Peekaboo Pouch - very cute as well!! Check it out if you would like to win :)

Apples'n'Oranges is also holding a contest for a cute Belly onesie made by Babes in Black - check it out!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yay, no more dishes for mom...


Check out Adventures in Babywearing for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from Mom 4 Life. They have some pretty cool stuff that you could get!

Also head over to Mums The Wurd; they joined up with Supermomz and are giving away a cool dinnerware set for your little boy or girl :)

Not China Made is holding a contest for $50 gift certificate to American Apparel. Not China Made is a website that is an exploration into the dangers of trading with China.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

36 weeks...

So my news is... thank you God!! the baby has moved and is now ready to go :) plus I also got another confirmation that my little one is gonna be a girl :) I'm pretty excited since I've been telling myself all along that they could be wrong... (just watch, they are all gonna be wrong just because I said this, haha). Thank you to all that have been praying and hoping that this would happen!

What they don't tell you about pregnancy...

I can't believe it - I think that a sign of pregnancy is that you get increasingly clumsy! Yesterday I got so incredibly frustrated at myself - I dropped just about everything that I touched!! It was like a circus, I kept throwing everything on the floor :) oh well, hopefully that will stop soon :) Today is my 36 week appointment and I am hoping to have some good news this afternoon - altho I'm kinda thinking that baby hasn't re-positioned head down yet, it doesn't feel like anything's really changed. I will post later on this evening about my appointment...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crazy Edmonton!!

So we had a quick trip out to Edmonton to meet up with Kevin's parents and also to visit Kevin's uncle in the hospital. It was really good to see family again and of course Tristian enjoyed all the attention and seeing "papa and mama"; when we left he was crying in his carseat that he wanted papa! He hates saying good byes :) We then spent the afternoon at The mall, and boy was WEM sure busy!! I'm sure summer saturday afternoon's are always the busiest! I have a few pics that I will download tomorrow (hopefully)..

Another contest.. it is held by When 2 became 3 and she is giving away a wrap. Now I am supposed to tell you why I love babywearing - well unfortunately I can't.. that is why I should win this thing :) I had not heard of babywearing when I had my first child, so I am now hoping to experience it with my second.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Screaming, chasing flies and one more contest...

So I thought we had fixed this problem of our son screaming periodically.. now it is back again for the third time!! If we catching him doing something he's not supposed to - he screams. If he doesn't get what he wants - he screams. Like I said, we've been through this before and he stopped this for a while and then started again.. it's a bit frustrating feeling like all my hardwork was for nothing when he starts back up again! Now it's not like he runs around screaming all day - some days are better or worse than others.. like yesterday was not a particularly good day since TJ was up earlier and had been up in the middle of the night from a nightmare or something of the sort. This morning he seems to be in good spirits even though he got up a good 1 1/2 hrs early - he's been chasing a fly around the house for a while already :) It's pretty cute actually - he gets so excited just as he gets ready to swat it and then it flies away and he's got to chase it again :)

For the contest, Drea is giving away a FourPea's backpack for the little guys :) The toddler backpacks are definately my favorite, it's the perfect thing for TJ, I'm sure he would wear it all day and who knows what kind of stuff he would all put in there :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cutest shoes contest

UMI along with Mom Views are having a contest where you can win a free pair of shoes for your little one and BONUS** YOU get to pick the style!!! They have some of the cutest shoes for boys and girls!! Here are a few pics:


Check out the Back to School Giveaway with Gymboree.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Family News

Unfortunately one of my mom's cousins commit suicide this week. He was married and had two little girls. Please pray for the immediate family!! (I don't really know them)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

34 weeks Appointment & pics

So I had my 34 week appointment a few days early cuz my Dr. is going on holidays (at least it's now and not closer to my due date!). And yes, my stubborn baby is still breech!! So even though I still have 6 weeks left, I am some-what preparing myself for the possibility of having a C-section - altho I think I would rather deliver naturally. Other than baby's position, everything else is looking and sounding good - so I am thankful for that! Here's a pic of me at 34 weeks... the countdown is closing in :)

Here are a few self-pictures I took of me and my son :)