Wednesday, August 01, 2007

34 weeks Appointment & pics

So I had my 34 week appointment a few days early cuz my Dr. is going on holidays (at least it's now and not closer to my due date!). And yes, my stubborn baby is still breech!! So even though I still have 6 weeks left, I am some-what preparing myself for the possibility of having a C-section - altho I think I would rather deliver naturally. Other than baby's position, everything else is looking and sounding good - so I am thankful for that! Here's a pic of me at 34 weeks... the countdown is closing in :)

Here are a few self-pictures I took of me and my son :)


Heidi said...

Thanks for your comments!! You look adorable!

My best friends baby was breech and she delivered vaginally - it was her 2nd baby her first was head down. I'm sure she'd love to tell you about her experience if you'd like to email me your info at thebutterflymama at gmail dot com I would be happy to pass it on to her! :)

Donna said...

What a cute belly!

BEG your dr to try to get the baby t o flip, it usually works, but your doctor has to be willing to work on it.

Look online to get some tips!

Ellen said...

Thanks ladies for some tips :) My Dr. is willing to deliver baby breach (he has done it a lot before) if I am in labor and baby is right there - but if not C-section is scheduled.. I have my next appointment on Wednesday this week - so hopefully things have changed.. I will ask my Dr. if there is anything he/I can do if baby is still breech :)