Thursday, March 06, 2008

Da Da

Yes those are her first words :) K is now spouting off 'da da da'. I know that really she doesn't know that the sounds 'da da' refer to her father.. but it's fun to put the importance on them anyway! Today I am having my party for my home decor business.. I am excited to see who will all show up! If anyone would like to, you can check out some Super Savings with Signature HomeStyles (click on top right corner) and my rep # is 80601 in order to check out some great priced items. Its sure funny how one feels so accomplished when your plate is full of things to do *and you actually get things done!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stolen pictures..

I stole some pics from my brother and SIL blog (heehee) of our trip to Edmonton...

K looking up from her car seat..

Uncle J and TJ in the mouth of a whale... (WEM)

Looking at the sea lion show from above.. for like 2 minutes

First time in Ikea (yay!)

Me and my little girl!

Uncle J getting in some quality time with K... or are you practising??? :)

Uncle M "Jumping" TJ "way up high" and now he wants me to do it to him all the time too :)