Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ohhh Winnie the Pooh..

So Tristian went trick or treating with mom and Benita (the neighbors daughter)... he got so many candies! good thing he will not get to eat most of them, but i'm sure by next year mom will not get to take them away so easily :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our trip to visit dad...

This last week me and Tristian drove to Edson to visit Kevin as he has been working there for a little while now. Of course Tristian got a gift from his dad when we got there, so the boys had to check it out...

The boys just needed to hang out after a hard nights drive.. :)

Look what happened last night...

Yesterday was a really nice day outside maybe about +6 or so?? and we wake up this morning and it's not quite the same story!!

This was the first time that Tristian has got to wear his snowsuit, and he sure enjoys the mittens... it's so cute he looks at them and waves 'bye-bye' to himself...

If you look at the vehicles in the background of the picture you will see, that is a LOT of snow in one night (looks like almost a foot of snow).. and it's still snowing lightly... ahhh soon it will be Christmas... "Snowflakes falling softly, lightly to the ground, everybody knows Santa's comin round..." (that was for you mom and dad) :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

How my boy has grown..

As all mothers would know about, I am proud of my sweetheart Tristian and love to show off his pictures. So here goes, here is my son's story.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Catching up..

For those of you that don't, I am married. This is me and my husband Kevin Baier (you say it like buyer), and we've been married for just over 1, 1/2 years. We have also been blessed with a wonderful baby boy, Tristian James Paul Baier, who just doesn't seem to stop growing! He is such a joy and brings so many smiles and laughter to our house! He was born on December 17, 2005, just one day before his dad's birthday, and right on his great grandma Gelowitz's birthday. The time has just flown by since he is now already 10 months and nearing his very first birthday. It's so hard to imagine!

Monday, October 16, 2006

First time for everything

Well I'm not sure whose all gonna check this out, but I figure this is the latest thing to do, so I'd better get on it :) At least this way I have a good excuse for wasting time on the computer. Enjoy.