Friday, October 26, 2007

6 weeks... ALREADY!!

so me and my girl went in for our 6 week check up.. and she has sure grown.. she was 20" at birth and is already 22.5"!! We are both doing good (as per the Dr.) and here are some new pictures of my fam..

this last pic is my favorite!!

gone to the gym...

so I must first apologize for my pity party post on Monday(I think it was Monday).. it was just one of those days and I needed to vent a little.. Today I did something different.. I found out about an indoor gym in the city where I took TJ and Kaelyn, and TJ could run around and play and burn a lot of energy :) I met a few other moms, it was a very nice change to being stuck inside :) plus I could actually visit with real people.. I mean adults :) so here's to hoping the weekend will be just as good as today!!Last year at this time of the year.. my boy just tryin' to get around :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hum Dee Dah

First of all I wish to tell those of you whose blogs I frequent, I'm sorry I haven't really had time to comment altho I would like to more often :) When I get those 1 1/2 precious hours in the afternoon I have to alternate what I'm going to do with them.. most of the time sleep or dishes win out :) I just had to say that I was so excited this morning.. it was the first time my daughter only woke up once during the night!! I finally got a decent sleep and my son decided to be nice and only wake up around 7:45 instead of 7! Things are going well for the most part, altho my DS has finally started his adjustment stage.. and it's been a little difficult and frustrating and quite negative at times!! But we are trying to pull through :) I just feel like I need a day off tho, or even just a few hours but I know that's not gonna happen for quite a while, so I can just dream of what I will do when I get there - I just need a rejuve time... it's tough being a single mom that's for sure.. at least I don't need to worry about where money's coming from tho.. oh well back to the grind.. at least I have one thing to look forward too.. moms timeout at church tomorrow morning :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

If I wasn't a SAHM I would have missed it..

It was too cute!! The other day Kaelyn was in her lounge chair and she started to cry.. as soon as I could get to her she had already stopped crying because her big brother was squatting next to her and gently stroking her head and saying 'oh Kaelyn' . It was adorable!! The next day, Kaelyn, again in her lounge chair, was sitting there looking around and TJ came up to her and she just happened to have her hand open and he tried to give her five!! But she closed her hand before he could make it happen, so he tried to pry her hand open in order to finish the deal :) I love watching my kids interact already.. I can't wait to see what the future brings..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Here are the pics... finally :)

TJ's cupboard :)

Just hangin' out...

Pretending to sleep on mom & dad's pillows

My little sweetheart

"Mommy's Little Treasure"

Grandparents with Grandkids

Doing craft with Grandma :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes I know I am late at wishing you all a happy thanksgiving - but we didn't spend thanksgiving at home :) On thursday morning my husband called and said we were going away for thanksgiving weekend and to pack up, he'd be home in an hour.. yeah!! so I ran around trying to pack for my little family, and any of you who have/have had babies know that there are so many things you need to bring for a baby, and I was trying to remember everything :) We had a really good time tho - it was so cute watching Tristian interact and play with his cousins!! It was the first time that they were all old enough to have significant interaction with each other (one is 5, TJ almost 2, one is 1 1/2). And of course TJ loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa!! I do have some new pictures but I'll have to post them later as they are on my other computer :)