Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's been so long, I forgot how this feels...

Peace. Like real peace and calm in your soul. It's funny, you think something that happened so long ago wouldn't really affect a person, but it's like I've been breathing stale air for so long that I've gotten used to it. I've finally got a breath of fresh air and I forgot how wonderful it can be. I know this may not be very theologically sound but indulge me a little. I heard this song this morning and I love it (I loved the catchy melody from the first time I heard it) and this morning I realized that it defines what I feel/felt or have gone through in my relationship with God (I know, I know, that's not what this song is about, but it is about a relationship and I just applied it to this one). Take a listen see if I'm crazy or if you can see how it could be a parallel? **video isn't really for kids, although not explicit**

The good thing is, I know what God says. He forgives. Hence the peace!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Conversation

My daughter had her bath and was in her nighty, all ready for bed.. she was being really cute, and then when I managed to get the camera out she stopped, but I did get some really good random conversation :) enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Travel Tip Tuesday: Experiencing Culture

I have found that the greatest way to experience a country or area's culture is to find a destination where you know someone that lives there. If you don't know anyone that lives near a destination that you would like to visit, find a pen pal, or look into doing a homestay or even bed and breakfasts - they can give you an opportunity to get to know the area on a deeper level, like someone who lives there instead of just a tourist!

Heart Housekeeping

**This post may be kind of confusing as I skirt an unknown issue, but this is such a big thing in my life at the moment I have to share what I can, and I hope you can take the principle away from this post.**
For those of you that I have on Facebook, you'll notice my status today. For those of you that I don't have on my FB, my status goes something like this, "Ellen has been doing some heart housekeeping.. it's a lot harder and takes a lot more courage than I thought!!". I have marked this last weekend as turning point that has been in the process for more than 5 years, a turning point in my heart. With this turning point, I have a responsibility to myself to clean up some of the skeletons and cobwebs that have been in my heart for a long time. What an incredibly hard thing to do, admitting to yourself about the skeletons and admitting to key people in your life about where you've gone wrong. Harder yet, putting your whole self on the line - openning everything up to people, knowing that there is a chance, a very likely chance that they will not only reject you but probably reject all that was so hard to share. I suppose that is the price for doing the right thing - doing the right thing is hard, harder yet when it involves people you love. The reason for all this: my heart feels like it has been freed, knowing that I have done what God has asked of me, the rest is out of my hands but now I can sleep like a baby :)

**no he is not posing, I litterally found my son sleeping like this a while ago!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ladies Retreat and more..

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend our churches ladies retreat. My husband was home and had the kids all day while I spent the day being refreshed :) I loved getting to know a few new ladies, and not just getting to know them but really being real with each other!! I was in such a wonderful state of mind that when I walked in my house to find it a COMPLETE disaster, I wasn't even phased, just got to it and clean everything up within 1.5hrs and then made supper!! God is good!!

On a different note, I have been going through a bout of baby envy.. or maybe pregnancy envy. Now I don't want to make anyone feel bad about their expecting child, that is not my intention, on the contrary I am extremely happy for each and every announcement that I hear - having children is a wonderful thing!! That's part of it though, the announcements.. since having my miscarriage in July I have heard of at least 8 pregnancies (from people I know) and probably half of them are due around or in the month that I would have been due. I know that with my first two children we conceived easily and had relatively no complications with labor and delivery, and of course I am so thankful for that! I suppose now it's my turn to feel that ache, after so many others I know have gone through it and probably looked at me thinking it wasn't fair. Either way, I send love and congratulations to all who are expecting a precious bundle of joy, and I know that my turn will come soon enough. Who knows, maybe this is God's way of helping me KNOW that I want another child - it was such a big uncertainty for me (to have a 3rd or not) but after miscarrying I KNOW I want another one!!

Me and my two turkeys :) K and TJ, I love you so much!! Love Mommy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ah-ha Moment!

I just had one of those Oprah, ah-ha moments.. you know, one of those where the it's like the lightbulb just turns on.. I have this thing with my house. Well, maybe it's more like a thing with housecleaning. I don't particularly care much for being a housekeeper BUT at the same time I know that when things are crazy disaster messy, I get cranky and I can really appreciate a clean/tidy house. Not only that but I feel tremendous pressure to have this perfectly kept house, keeping up to the 'perfect' standard. When we have friends and family over I ALWAYS tidy all day before they come or appologize profusely if we have 'surprise' company and things aren't picture perfect. It has a lot to do with my complex of perfectionist and people pleaser.. so needless to say, my lack of desire to clean can create a frustration within myself.

Lets open up the playing field - I have 2 kids, 4 (almost) yr old that likes to dissect and discover how things work and a 2yr old that continues to discover new things, 2 daycare kids (3-4 days a week) ages 4 (almost) and 2.5yrs - excellent accomplises!! So there is a little window into what I'm really dealing with.

My ah-ha moment: my house is comfortably clean with a lived in look!! You know what, I think I can accept that! It's not perfect, but it's clean (not necessarily tidy, and yes there is clutter), but it's a fact of my life that there will be toys that you will step on, toothbrushes in the kitchen, scrapers on the living room floor and blankies strewn on the floor. As long as I can keep it to that level, I think we can manage. What is your style of clean? Any tips to a busy mom how to keep things to a happy-medium?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travel Tip Tuesday: Tourist Attractions

If you are on holidays, and you plan on going to major tourist attractions - 1. check out what time they open 2. plan to be there early (close to opening time). In doing so you will probably not have to wait much in line, and you can enjoy the attraction while there are not as many people. When you are ready to leave, check the line again - I bet you'll be glad you went early!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The BEST Toy in the Whole Wide World!!!

It's also a really inexpensive toy too.. and very versitile :) Have you guessed yet??

Yes.. a cardboard box :) I built a house for my kids with one, it lasted 2 hrs, but the second one lasted a day. Let me tell you, they played in those boxes until they were falling apart!
My silly kids.. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Salsa? *updated*

I know I'm a little late on this, but I have to show you some pictures of the tomatoes I grew in my garden this year. It's not a lot, but they are really good!
Now this picture may not really do these tomatoes justice, they are yellow tomatoes! Beautiful yellow, they are heirloom tomatoes. I am excited because today I am going to make salsa with my yellow tomatoes (and some red ones too).. should be interesting :) I'll show you the results when I'm done!
*So I made salsa, it tastes delicous!! I had kind of hoped it would turn out to be a cool color (since I used mostly yellow tomatoes) but it's just a lighter shade of red. Too bad, I guess I added too many red tomatoes :) well I'll try again next year!!

Wordless Wednesdays

New sweater from Grandma B for her birthday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Travel Tip Tuesday: Flying Cheaper

Besides checking out seat sales, make sure to check and see if it is cheaper for you to fly out on a weekday like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Very often these days are less expensive. If you can be flexible it may be worth it to check it out. Also, sometimes if you stay over the weekend, or if you stay a week at your destination it can affect the price too. Either way, check out a few options before booking the first flight you see :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Our little family had an amazing turkey dinner and spent some quality family time together. A few things I am thankful for, a nice warm house, a loving family, our health, our jobs, and our many moments and memories!!

Today, I am in a mood... in a restless mood. I need a change. A little change, a big change, it doesn't matter what, just a change. If nothing were to inhibit me, today I could paint my house, go on a roadtrip, take a vacation, sell my house, move to another town, move to another country. I get this feeling inside of me, this drive, that I NEED a change in my life somehow. I know that it's not necessarily rational, and I know it's definately not possible on a lot of levels because I have obligations and responsibilities that I have chosen. I don't know what it is, if it's the changing of the seasons or if it's the fact that other friends are making big changes in their lives. It's definately not that I don't like where or how our life is headed, things are actually going well for the most part.

I feel like a bird with clipped wings. I know how it feels to fly, it's in my blood and bones but it's not possible right now and all I can do is dream about it. Call me strange, call me crazy, but this is me :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Travel Tip Tuesday: Mexico

Have you ever wanted to go to Mexico? Why? Well I'm sure the first reason why is because of the warm weather! Two of the biggest names in Mexico are Cancun and Puerto Vallarta (PV) - I will list a few reasons to travel to Mexico and which area better suits the reason :)
Snorkeling - Cancun!! The water is incredible!! Warm and clear - PV water is cold and muddy :)
Authentic Mexican culture - PV will definitely provide you with this! Cancun is a very Americanized center, although if you take excursions you can get a glimpse of the Mexican culture. Another great place to check out is the Mayan Riviera, with small towns through out the area that you can explore.
Clubbing/Partying - Although PV can offer a great party, Cancun offers some incredible and popular clubs (Coco Bongo) again this has a lot to do with the Americanization of Cancun!
Markets - Although Cancun has some great markets, they are harder to find through all the malls. PV, with a lot more of the Mexican culture, caters a lot more towards markets (don't forget to barter!)
Authentic Mexican Food - Although you can find some Authentic Mexican food in Cancun.. it is a lot harder to find than the restaurant chains you are familiar with!

There are a lot of great places to experience in Mexico - but please don't go to Puerto Vallarta for the sole purpose of snorkeling!!! You will be disappointed! :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

New Website!!!

So here is my shameless post about my home business :) I finally signed up for my own website.. so take a look - and while you are there, take a look at the MEGA SUPER SAVINGS SALE!!! It has so many great sale items!! (and I do get commission from your orders) Also the catalogue is online as well, so if you feel like doing a book party with your friends (in order to earn FABULOUS free stuff and half price items as well as an opportunity to get a great deal with our hostess special) just let me know!! You can also order directly as well.