Monday, October 12, 2009


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Our little family had an amazing turkey dinner and spent some quality family time together. A few things I am thankful for, a nice warm house, a loving family, our health, our jobs, and our many moments and memories!!

Today, I am in a mood... in a restless mood. I need a change. A little change, a big change, it doesn't matter what, just a change. If nothing were to inhibit me, today I could paint my house, go on a roadtrip, take a vacation, sell my house, move to another town, move to another country. I get this feeling inside of me, this drive, that I NEED a change in my life somehow. I know that it's not necessarily rational, and I know it's definately not possible on a lot of levels because I have obligations and responsibilities that I have chosen. I don't know what it is, if it's the changing of the seasons or if it's the fact that other friends are making big changes in their lives. It's definately not that I don't like where or how our life is headed, things are actually going well for the most part.

I feel like a bird with clipped wings. I know how it feels to fly, it's in my blood and bones but it's not possible right now and all I can do is dream about it. Call me strange, call me crazy, but this is me :)

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