Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

We had a great weekend with the in-laws - the kids absolutely loved it!! We had a fun little party for K, which I really enjoyed even though it was busy trying to prepare - I love hosting things! The funny thing that happened is that the kids were really good all weekend (that's not the funny part, that's the good part) but the past two days they've been a little cranky and just off. Now I knew that happened when we went out of town for a while - but I didn't realize that this happens when we get company too :) oh well, just adjustment, that's all! Here are some pics of the weekend!
Doing a craft project with TJ
Coloring with K
All pretty for her party
Just getting started on the cake (it sure was messy!)
Just LOVING the new clothes that Grandma got her!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Weekend is here...

Well I know it's not officially the weekend - but the weekend that I have been working towards is essentially here :) My husband is off to the airport with my son to pick up his parents! It's very exciting, we've been waiting for this for a while - it's the first time since our wedding that his parents are coming here! So needless to say, a lot of work has happened this week!! So I know this is pretty short - but I will fill you in on Sunday or so :) By the way baby K is cutting her 6th tooth - I just found it today :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Baby is 1!! (tomorrow)

Happy birthday K!! I can't believe that you are turning one already! I remember it just like it was yesterday - Grandma came the day before to help take care of your brother. I was up early, 7 am to call the hospital to see if I could come in and sure enough, they had room for me. So the rush was on, I quickly showered and went over things with Grandma so she knew what to do with your brother all day. I felt the excitement all morning - it is an incredible feeling knowing that I would finally get to meet my baby girl that day! I remember the fresh, crisp fall air as me and your daddy got into the car and drove to the hospital. All the leaves on the trees were yellow at the hospital - we walked up to the labor and delivery. "I'm here to have a baby", like it wasn't obvious at that time :) We got our room and settled in - we listened to your heartbeat and kicks one last time while you were still inside me. The Dr. came in and everything got underway. After the required 1 hour of bedrest - we were ready to move around - your daddy was hungry since he hadn't had any breakfast (like usual) so we walked down to the cafeteria - it took a while since I had to stop every time I had a contraction. Things progressed really well! By 2pm I was ready for you to come, but you weren't quite ready yet - but by 3 we were both ready and with a little encouragement you arrived at 3:17pm - my first breathless words to you were "She's finally here" . I couldn't get over how you had your daddy's curly hair! You were so tiny in my arms - and I loved you so much and it's hard to imagine that I have grown to love you more each day. I love the way you play coy and your sweet smile and when you give cuddles and snuggles and your open mouth kisses and how you walk backwards so you can sit on my lap! You have such a little Diva personality and you are developing it more and more each day! Happy Birthday my baby girl - we love you so much!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolatie Brownie

doesn't that sound good?? scrumptious!! and that will be the new color on my wall!! (well really accent color). I did some painting yesterday, but I really wasn't happy with the color - they were going to see if they could rematch it, but they couldn't so I had to buy a whole new can of paint. They were really nice though, I got the second one for half price!! This afternoon while K is napping and before I have my daycare girl, I am going to try to paint another coat - I will try to get some pictures when I'm done! Oh and happy to say that all of my salsa jars sealed! I will have to try some and see if I like the recipe for my next batches.

On a funny note - last night while I was up late making salsa, I decided to make myself a pot of yummy chai tea. So I carefully heated up some milk and frothed it, added sugar and let the tea steap. When it was finally ready I added it to my cup - and let it cool down a little. When it was finally ready I took a big drink - GULP - and spit it out!! It was SALTY!! yuck!! So to make a long story short, I am sure that my helpful 2.5 yr old decided that my teapot needed some salt - and emptied the salt shaker into my teapot!! Silly boy :)

Getting started...

So today I got lots done! I did a bunch of wall patching and started painting my plant ledge and niche. I also canned one batch of salsa with my home grown tomatoes. Whew.. it's been a long day, so I think this is all for now :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Fall

The seasons are changing - I can just feel it - it seems as if we've gotten fall early this year! At least the sun is still shining even though the air is cool. So I have tried to get myself excited for fall cleaning... yeah, it's not happening very well :) It seems as if there is never enough time in my day. I seem to get started with a few small projects and things just seem to take forever - nevermind the big projects I would like to do! I am also preparing for the in-laws to come over and celebrating my daughter's birthday - so much to do and so little time! I will try to keep you updated on what's happening through this process!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I believe in honesty, so here are my honest feelings - I have been a bit discouraged lately with my blog - I have tried to write more often, and write on life opinion type topics and have got little to no responses. I can see that I am getting some traffic, but it is disheartening that hardly anyone responds. But.. I will try to keep it up, maybe I can gain some readers/commenters back :) Or maybe I just need a good old contest to get some more traffic... hmm.. I will have to think about that...

..more about honest feelings, I have honestly been having a frustrating time with my son lately - he has started to talk back to me and I have been trying to be really consistant with not letting it slide - at all.. But oh, do I feel like an ogre!!! I feel like I have been just a nasty mean person all week - constantly disciplining my son - kinda puts me in a bad mood that I seem stuck in :( My son has also been teaching my DD some of his wonderful attitude.. even though she doesn't really understand what she's doing, it's disheartening as well. I have also been trying to nip that in the bud too. I was just thinking, why is this parent thing so hard - but really God has given me a challenge - He has challenged me with my kids - I guess I need to learn something through this - because He only gives us what we can handle right?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy Birthday - to me!

It's funny you know, as you get older your birthday seems to have less and less significance! This year our little family had a little celebration for my birthday, but really it was for the sake of my kids - my oldest has realized that birthday parties are fun. He loves the cake and the candles and even blew out half of my candles :) It's great to see him so excited. This summer me and kids went to one of their little friends birthday parties. This was a no gift party - the first one I'd been to - giving gifts has always been a part of birthday parties in my experience. It brought up a new way of thought for me. Should I have no gift parties for my kids? Are we selfish if we do have "gift" parties (not that that is specified or expected)? How do I find the balance in this?

I know it is important to me that my kids learn that "things" do not make you happy - the more gifts does not equal more happiness. On the other hand, if we all went "no gift" then we would also not be teaching our kids what it is to give. I am one of those people that loves to go shopping and come up with the perfect gift for my friend/husband/family member and can't wait to see the look on their face when they open it!! It's a personal thing for me - depending on how well I know the person. And I always loved giving the ones that were handcrafted ideas too! I want my kids to learn the love of giving! We went to several little kids birthdays this summer, and even though my kids are too little to really pick out the gifts - I did ask if they thought if their friend would like it and tried to involve them.

There are also a few other lessons to be learned at birthday parties - no the presents are not for you, they are for ____. you have to wait until it is your birthday. Taking turns when playing games, sharing, playing together. Really a kids birthday party is an excellent parenting opportunity, with lots of great fun and food included :)
*I am not saying that kids and parents both can't get out of hand where birthdays are concerned - when that happens things need to be pulled back under control for sure!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


New that the new school year is starting again, it's got me thinking.. it could be only 2 years until I'm sending my oldest off to school!! CRAZY!! The reason I say 'it could be' is because it's going to be our choice because my son was born in December - so I could send him when he's 4 3/4 or when he's 5 3/4. I know we are going to have to wait until that time to see if he is ready emotionally, mentally, etc, but still, how do you know? Or would it be trial and error (as in send him when he's 4 and if he's not ready send him again when he's 5)? It may be obvious at the time, so we won't worry about that yet :) Plus, this year I am going to send him to Sunday school - starting to get him used to the classroom idea :) I tried last year, but with K just having been born, and all the adjustments, he just wasn't ready. A friend of mine is sending her son to pre-school this year, and was telling me about trying to figure out which school to send him to; it really got me to think! What school am I going to send my son/kids? There is a Christian school here, public schools, catholic schools, and french immersion public and catholic... so lots of options!! what do you make a defining factor? Programs, academics, faith? How do you choose and how much of an impact will our choice be on our childrens futures?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

One more holiday

We had a blast this last weekend!! Our little family went to Edmonton for a few days to pick up a new vehicle and we had a BLAST at the mall (west edmonton mall), besides the fact that it was absolutely PACKED with people in there (long weekend). It was all about father son time; TJ and his dad did so many FUN things together, like:
the putt'n bounce and

bumper boats. As a family we went to:

Galaxyland andthe World Waterpark. Now you must be thinking, wow, that was an expensive weekend! but really it wasn't that bad - you see the nice thing is that we can still take advantage of 2 and under free :) It's awesome, but soon enought we will be paying for our son :) I could not believe one of the rides that TJ went on, I thought he would be scared (cuz it's kinda a ride for older kids) but he loved it so much he went on it, like 5!!! times!!! He must have got that from me, I LOVE crazy rides!! The freakier the better!! Anyway, needless to say, we all had TONZ of fun and the boys got some much needed time together (boy time!) and me and K, well we got in some great shopping time too :)