Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolatie Brownie

doesn't that sound good?? scrumptious!! and that will be the new color on my wall!! (well really accent color). I did some painting yesterday, but I really wasn't happy with the color - they were going to see if they could rematch it, but they couldn't so I had to buy a whole new can of paint. They were really nice though, I got the second one for half price!! This afternoon while K is napping and before I have my daycare girl, I am going to try to paint another coat - I will try to get some pictures when I'm done! Oh and happy to say that all of my salsa jars sealed! I will have to try some and see if I like the recipe for my next batches.

On a funny note - last night while I was up late making salsa, I decided to make myself a pot of yummy chai tea. So I carefully heated up some milk and frothed it, added sugar and let the tea steap. When it was finally ready I added it to my cup - and let it cool down a little. When it was finally ready I took a big drink - GULP - and spit it out!! It was SALTY!! yuck!! So to make a long story short, I am sure that my helpful 2.5 yr old decided that my teapot needed some salt - and emptied the salt shaker into my teapot!! Silly boy :)

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Andrea said...

mmmm...chocolate brownie? Love it!! Now they need one called Chcolate ice cream! haha