Wednesday, September 03, 2008

One more holiday

We had a blast this last weekend!! Our little family went to Edmonton for a few days to pick up a new vehicle and we had a BLAST at the mall (west edmonton mall), besides the fact that it was absolutely PACKED with people in there (long weekend). It was all about father son time; TJ and his dad did so many FUN things together, like:
the putt'n bounce and

bumper boats. As a family we went to:

Galaxyland andthe World Waterpark. Now you must be thinking, wow, that was an expensive weekend! but really it wasn't that bad - you see the nice thing is that we can still take advantage of 2 and under free :) It's awesome, but soon enought we will be paying for our son :) I could not believe one of the rides that TJ went on, I thought he would be scared (cuz it's kinda a ride for older kids) but he loved it so much he went on it, like 5!!! times!!! He must have got that from me, I LOVE crazy rides!! The freakier the better!! Anyway, needless to say, we all had TONZ of fun and the boys got some much needed time together (boy time!) and me and K, well we got in some great shopping time too :)

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