Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

We had a great weekend with the in-laws - the kids absolutely loved it!! We had a fun little party for K, which I really enjoyed even though it was busy trying to prepare - I love hosting things! The funny thing that happened is that the kids were really good all weekend (that's not the funny part, that's the good part) but the past two days they've been a little cranky and just off. Now I knew that happened when we went out of town for a while - but I didn't realize that this happens when we get company too :) oh well, just adjustment, that's all! Here are some pics of the weekend!
Doing a craft project with TJ
Coloring with K
All pretty for her party
Just getting started on the cake (it sure was messy!)
Just LOVING the new clothes that Grandma got her!!

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Andrea said...

Cute pictures...and it sounds like you had lots of fun too!