Sunday, October 05, 2008

Trade Show!!

So this weekend was super busy - I was working a BIG local woman's tradeshow - Saturday and Sunday, ALL DAY!! Needless to say my feet are sore and my legs are tired, but it was all worth it!! I booked quite a few shows for Oct and Nov, so I'm really excited!! It was great to get out of the house and interact with a lot of people - I love the social aspect of meet and greet. That's what I miss so much about not working, getting that social interaction! It was great coming home though too! My son exclaimed, "Mom, you're home!!" and gave me many big hugs and kisses!! My daughter ran into my arms too and wanted her 'lap' time with me :) It makes it so much more obvious how much I mean to my kids and makes me feel so warm with love inside! It definately makes up for the difficult times with them!

A little tidbit - me and my GF and a few other friends are going to the Backstreet Boys concert - next month, we got row 5 tickets!! I know this may sound cheesy, but it's like the back in high school girl has come out in me :) It's gonna be a blast - a silly, fun, screaming, giddy, laughing, once in a lifetime chance!


amy said...

That's so great that your trade show experience went well.
I love coming home to my kids, Darren gets the big excitement, hugs and attention daily and it's nice to know that 'if' I am gone, they do miss me!!

Stacey said...

It's so fun when you come home and the kids are super excited to see you!

The Doerksen Couple said...

I'm glad that things worked out for you at the trade show. I love this picture of Tristian and Elizabeth they're so cute.
Backstreet Boys huh? Have a blast there. I can see the the junior high girl come out in you while your there. Would love to hear about it when you've gone.