Saturday, October 25, 2008

Silly Kids

The wonderful moments in my life:

My cutie pie, being silly :) He needed a new pair of socks I guess! (my oven mits if you can't tell)
My son was being really stubborn, but I was more stubborn! I wouldn't let him leave his chair until he ate his lunch... so, he just fell asleep on his chair :) I guess that's one way to win a battle :)
Sunday afternoon - I was exhausted and curled up on the love seat, my son was equally exhausted I guess, and decided to lie down next to me on the floor for a snooze too :)

I think my daughter is going to be such a 'mom'. She's 'feeding' her friend his sippy cup even though he's actually older than her :)


Susanna said...

I love the picture of you sleeping on the couch,and TJ sleeping on the floor!
We also have been struggling at mealtimes lately....we have a very stubborn child too (at times)! He is fine if it's something he likes, but won't eat if it's something new. Making him stay there until he finishes his food doesn't always work - have any other suggestions?!

amy said...

In the picture of your little girl, I see you!
I love the pictures of you and TJ sleeping...what better thing to do on a sunday afternoon!?