Sunday, November 02, 2008

November - ALREADY!!!

November has come, and it's still beautiful here!! Today was awesome! I got a new (new for us, but used, but also FREE!) mattress for TJ's bed (thanks FreeCycle!!). So I got a question for all of you handy dandy recycling, green type people... is there anything I can do with my son's old sponge crib mattress? All of the vinyl is ripped to pieces and the sponge (I know this is kinda nasty) has been peed on (as in potty training bedtime accidents) - Can the sponge be washed somehow and reused at all, or possibly re-covered? Or is it a complete loss and just throw it all out??

My second really exciting thing.... wait for it... wait.... I FINALLY put up our outdoor Christmas lights!!! Yeah, I know it's barely November, but it was a beautiful day here and I had the opportunity (kids were sleeping)! I bought lights last year but we don't have a ladder and it just didn't happen.. and now since I have it done - I will leave them up there all year round I think.

This last week has been interesting at least - I had my wisdom teeth pulled, or two of them at least. I didn't realize it was such a long healing process.. mind you I consider myself lucky since things seemed not to take too long to recover. But trying to watch more than your own kids while on Tylenol 3 can be interesting.. and trying not to fall asleep! :) We took it easy tho (thanks TreeHouse and Disney) and I seemed to have made it without getting the dreaded dry socket (an awful possible side effect that can be caused by bending over or heavy lifting - try not to do either of those with small kids!).

Time change this weekend went pretty well for the kids (it can really throw them off sometimes) so that's good - they didn't get up crazy early :) haha.. anyway, we're ready and set for another busy week! (sorry no pics today)


Susanna said...

All I know about mattresses is that you are supposed to get a new one for all of your babies, and you don't want to be using a second hand one, especially one that has been used by another family. Why it is so important I'm not sure, but this is what one of the asthma specialists in the hospital told us when Addison was in there. There is something about the leftover urine remnants (it's hard to get everything out of the foam) that can actually be toxic to other children (apparently if its your own it's ok!) So, I guess all that to say that you might want to consider recycling (sorry I don't know where) or just throwing out the old mattress....

Stacey said...

I have no idea what to do with the mattress! I always have mine covered with a waterproof mattress pad, and then the sheet, so I'm pretty sure there is nothing inside it.

I'm dreading having my wisdom teeth removed someday. I know I'll need to, but I'm scared of the dentist :)

amy said...

Interesting comment Susanna, I've never heard'd think that would be something that people would make sure everyone knew. I have always used a mattress pad too, hopefully it's working!
I love Christmas lights, ours stay up all year round and we've had them glowing for a few weeks all ready, never too early!!!

Ellen said...

That's good to know Susanna, the mattress was covered in vinyl, but it got a tear when we moved and it kept getting bigger (cuz of little fingers) and then with the 'accidents' at night - yeah, so I'll just throw it out. The new one I got doesn't have foam, it's got the springs - and I make sure to disinfect all of my kids mattresses too!

Allie said...

We just put up our Christmas lights over this past weekend and yes, I couldn't hold back and have started decorating the inside of the house too. Now ... just so you don't think that I am a total wing nut, the outside lights haven't been turned on and won't to the 15th. I managed to barter that with my hubby. :)

As for the mattress thing, I always used a waterproof mattress cover plus a waterproof mattress pad that hospitals use (you can buy them at places like Toy R Us and I think maybe Walmart). You could always try to donate the old mattress that you have at a Salvation Army or something for I am sure that they have the guidelines or means to do what is necessary with it (meaning cleaning or tossing).

Hope all is well. I loved the pictures of you and the kids at the park. I can't believe how quickly they are growing up!