Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some snow... and other stuff

So we finally have some snow that might stay... everytime we get snow it seems to melt before the end of the day!! I have been super busy lately, hence no posts, between parties, kids, daycare kids, concert (which really was a night out for me), trying to find babysitters for all of the above, having people over, and then all of the regular mom stuff.. there have been a few things put on the back burner :) A friend of mine just had her baby (welcome baby Ava!!), and I am expecting to hear more news like that within the next few months from other friends of mine. I also just found out another friend of mine just found out she's expecting (just! since she is due in July) - it's like baby central all over again... No I'm not expecting again, I feel really good about where I am in this point of my kids lives - but the thought runs through a person's mind when pregnancy and newborn babies are all around!

I have found it very interesting how my son seems to learn. I have been trying to teach him the alphabet and his numbers and it's like he wants to do it on his own and doesn't want my help! Like he won't sing the alphabet with me, but just this morning he took a box and identified all the letters on it! I was floored! Like when did he figure that out! or when he counted to 10 by himself (I only had to help him with the number 4, and he did the rest). It's been very interesting! It's so funny, even K sometimes counts, I'll say one and she says two - since she hears me giving her brother the countdown :) Anyway I hope to get some interesting pictures up soon - maybe for tomorrow :)

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Carrie said...

can't wait to see some more pictures :)