Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

My two cuties, getting ready for bed..
Watching the breadmaker :)

Nap time for TJ and George (the monkey)

My cute shopper girl :)

Halloween costumes


Susanna said...

I like the new pictures, it looks like your kids have a lot of fun together! So you haven't cut out TJ's naptime either??? I tried, but it's not fun for any of us (very grumpy child!), so we continue on with the naps :)

We missed you at alumni weekend - it sure would have been great to see you!

Allie said...

What great photos!! I just can't believe how quickly your daughter is growing! It seems just like yesterday that she was born!!

On a side note, I am still interested in doing a show. Perhaps in the New Year, we can meet up online and nail down some details.