Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is me.. take it or leave it *Tag

And now I've been tagged by my blogging friend Allie - so now I have to tell you about myself, not just my kids :) now the hard part is going to be coming up with 6, yes SIX random things about myself - if it was only one or two, that would be easier, but I guess I have to follow the rules, which brings me to my first point -
  1. I seem to have this uncanny thing about following the rules (except the speed limit, oops) - whether it's because I fear the repercussions or just because it's the "right thing to do" I'm not sure. In secret I would like to break all the rules one day, ALL the rules - even laws.. not the big laws, just little ones :) lol if that makes any sense.. All my IRL friends must be laughing, imagining me breaking laws :)lol
  2. I used to be so self conscious about my appearance when I was younger, and now that I've had two kids - I couldn't care less. I would never think about wearing a two piece, but now I'm out there with my bikini any day - stretch marks and all - welcome to the world all you barbie girls - most women don't look like you, you are abnormal, whereas there are a lot more out there looking like me :)
  3. I grew up in a small conservative/sheltered town but refuse to let myself be naive! I make it my purpose to be educated and informed with what's going on, good/bad and ugly - it doesn't mean that I agree with any of it - but at least I'm aware of it!
  4. If the music's blaring - knock before entering :) otherwise you and I will be surprised to find me dancing in my underware.. mind you it's been a while since I've been able to relax in this way (since the kids keep me busy) but every now and then I'll bust a move - like a dancing diva... just ask my great friend Andrea :) and for those of you who have never tried it, you wouldn't believe how freeing it is!
  5. If I'm sad or lonely or just don't know what to do with myself - I like to head out to the local shopping mall. Not that I buy anything (unless it accidentally jumps into my cart) but just being out and people watching is therapy enough to bust the blues away!
  6. Ok, I'm on the last one... my husband still surprises me with his good deeds for the day - not for me but for others. we were driving along the other day and all-of-a-sudden he stopped the vehicle - I had no idea why.. he had seen some old guy biking along the road, stopped and waited for him to catch up and then proceeded to give him a few bottles of water he had on the back of the truck - like where did that come from? but that's one of the reason's I love my hubby so much - he has such a big heart for people!
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request! *Updated Again*

One of the young girls that I have been taking care of a few days a week is in the hospital in critical condition. Last week she had a blood vessel burst in her brain and they ended up putting her in a medically induced coma and they were going to do a procedure this week. I have not heard any updates since around Wednesday. Please pray for her, her name is Mila and please pray for her parents in this aweful ordeal - they are not Christians, but have asked for prayer. Mila is their only child and she just turned 5! I will update this as I hear more.

Mila has a disease called AVM which will be something she will have to live with (google AVM). Right now they are trying to wake her up from her coma and will then assess where things are at. There has been some movement on her left side, so that is a good sign. Her parents are moving to Edmonton for the time being since Mila will likely be in ICU for 3 months and then the childrens ward for a while (I don't know how long). Please pray for her parents as they will probably be making a large number of decisions that will affect them all.

Mila is moving on the right side now too, and is breathing on her own! She is responding (altho not all the time) and awake. Pray for Mila's mom since it's hard dealing with the fact that when she tries to console her daughter, she just pulls away or looks away.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

summer time fun

Warning* Rant***

There are times when I hear of other "perfect" two/two and a half year olds, that listen right away, always stay at their mother's side, sits perfectly still, never have temper tantrums, etc etc... sorry any of you mothers, it makes me sick hearing about your perfect two year olds! I mean really, good for you that your kids are perfect, but you know what, just because mine isn't doesn't mean I'm a bad parent, it doesn't mean that my kid is a BAD kid! My kid is not bad because he doesn't conform to the rules of the adult world.. you know most two year olds have a short attention span and a large desire to explore and boundless energy - maybe your the minority and we should all look at you funny because you kid doesn't act like most two year olds I know. Am I wrong? How are two year olds supposed to act? am I the only one whose kid would rather run around church than sit still in the pew? am I the only one whose kid has selective hearing already, and some days I think he's deaf due to his inability to respond when I talk to him? or maybe it's me, maybe you should teach me something about parenting, maybe I'm doing it all wrong, and you have all the secrets, please share. You look at me with a 'can't you control your kid' look of pity on your face. My kid is not bad, he is exploring this world and trying to find where his boundaries are, yes, and it's tough on my patience, yes, and I don't always react the best, yes, but this does not make him bad! I would like to see what you would do if you had a regular two year old like the rest of us!! Maybe then you wouldn't look at me and talk to me like that! Another thing, you don't see is all the good stuff, all the hugs, kisses, games, fun, excitement and wonder in my kids face as he discovered something new - you don't see all the cute, silly, loving, wonderful moments that make me so glad that I am PRIVILEGED to be his mother! So maybe next time you see me out with my kids, don't wonder what they will get into next, wonder how you would deal with the same situation if it was you because you never know, if you keep having kids, you may find yourself in my shoes and then lets see who has to eat their words!

Sorry for the long rant - it is not directed at any one person... just some feelings that have been pent up for a while. maybe I'm crazy, but I'm positive that I'm not the only one to feel this way.. or maybe I am :)