Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Schedule

I have decided that it's time to make a new schedule for myself, my kids and my daycare kids.. I've decided that I am wasting too much of my day just because I'm not motivated.. so I've decided to implement a schedule to try and help me and the kids have a healthy day, and make sure they are getting the attention they need (days when they get a lot of attention seem to be good days, for the most part). So my day will go something like this: (note, I want to do this on days with and without daycare kids)
9am - get up (if the kids are up earlier they will have free play time, also anytime before 9 is my free computer time too)
9-9:30 - get dressed and eat breaky
9:30 - 10 - kids & mom exercise time
10 - 5 minute healthy snack
10:05 - 10:45 - activity/craft/learning time
10:45-11 - Story time
11- 11:30 - clean up time (this can also include helping me with household chores too)
11:30 - 12 - kids get to watch a show while I relax a little and make lunch
12 - 1pm - lunch
1pm - naps

This is as far as I've got - I would like to make a chart for the kids, with clocks beside the activity so my son can figure out what time to do what (he likes looking at what number the hands are on). I also want to make a binder of pictures of different activites that they can pick from. I want to commit to doing this schedule 5 days a week for a month.. (I still have to figure out Mondays though, due to TJ's gymnastics in the morning). Here's to the first new morning :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Helping Others...

I have always wanted to get a sponsor child, especially when I had kids. I think it would be a great opportunity for my own kids to help and learn about less fortunate kids. My problem is trying to decide which sponsor group to go with. There are so many groups and I know I have to be careful which one to go through. I have heard of groups where the sponsor child only gets a very small portion of what we actually donate (the group takes a lot of the money for 'admin fees'), and I have heard of a groups that are actually fraudulant, where there is no actual child (people I know went to visit the child and that child didn't even exsist!!). So who do you trust? I went on the Compassion child website and looked through several of the children profiles and was really surprised that most of these children had families and went to school! I thought there would be a lot of orphans and really poor children (that couldn't afford or have access to school). Not saying that these other children didn't have needs, I guess I just expected they would have more of a need; you know you see the child starving (with all their bones sticking out and big tummies) in all the pictures and ads - where are those children?? Anyway, any of you sponser a child? If so, what Sponsor group did you use? Have you been happy with how things are going? This has been on my heart a lot but I really want to know that I'm making a smart decision and not just throwing my money to another organization!

On another note, anyone heard of the Canadian Blood Services group called One Match? I donate blood as much as I can (which isn't often, they don't do that many clinics here) but I also joined One Match which was formerly the Unrelated Bone Marrow Registry. You can help cancer patients or people with other diseases, if you are a match to someone in need, they collect stem cells through blood or bone marrow (depending on the need) and it can help save a life. So if you are a blood donor (or even if you're not), check into it - I think it's pretty cool, it would be an amazing thing to be able to help someone in need like that! I have a rare blood type so I figure it's important for me to participate since what if it's me that's in need someday? Anyway, check it out if you're interested :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, On Thursday :)


Thanks Faithworks Boutique!

Here are a few pictures of K in her new beanie from Faithworks Boutique. It was really hard to get a good picture of her with it on, but here's what I got.
(yes she's looking for teeth, her top eyeteeth are almost out)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Women's Health**Use Discrection**

This past weekend was lots of fun! Me and my kids went on a road trip with a friend and visited with my parents for the weekend. This weekend was more than just a holiday with family, it was a much needed break for me to recoup. I don't know what it was, but the last few months, especially this last one, I have felt a lot of anger. It ate me up inside, I was angry at my kids for the smallest things, angry at my husband for anything 'wrong' he did, I was just plan angry at anything and everything... I felt so guilty for treating everyone I loved with such contempt and NO patience whatsoever!! My temper fuse went from 0-100 in a second. I just didn't understand why I was so upset all the time. I think things may be piecing together though, small pieces that seem unassuming, but when pieced together, make a lot of sense :)

I don't know when exactly this symptom started, but for the last 3 months for sure, I have been getting hot flashes! How old am I??? Not that old :) It was a pain, I was constantly hot and cold and my poor family had to suffer in a cold house, because I was SO sweating hot!!

In the last few months I also noticed a small weight gain.. now normally I have a 5lb fluctuation of my weight, but this was above what was normal for me.

More recently, I had some weird feeling in my breasts, like as if I were pregnant and they were growing, sensitivity.. the thing was, I was just finishing my period, so I couldn't be pregnant (also confirmed by the Dr.). So I did see the Dr. and before he would continue to diagnose, he suggested going off the pill. Now before I get all of these 'pill bashing' comments, let me continue :) I had been on this type of birth control for pretty much a year with no adverse side affects, that's why I thought that it was strange to be experiencing things now. These side affects are considered somewhat 'normal' within the first three months of starting the pill since your body is adjusting. The previous pill I took for a year never affected me at all in this way, but I had to change types due to other reasons. I still support using the birth control pill, but at the same time, you have to be aware of your body and what it's telling you. There are many different BC pill options, if one doesn't work for your body, it doesn't mean that none of them will work.

So the reason for this post, if you find yourself feeling anything similar, please listen to your body, add up the symptoms, you know what's normal for you - and yes things seem to be subsiding and I am feeling a lot better already :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dreaming of Summertime!

I know this photo is a little grainy, but my parents just found it hiding in there camera's hard-drive. I just had to post it! It brings all the yearning of summer and a smile :)

Friday, March 06, 2009

It's Friday!

I figured I should blog about something today, since I have a little bit of time. Although it's just one of those days that I'm not sure what to blog about :) There are a few exciting and none exciting things going on around here.
Exciting - my son slept in for the first time this week
Non-Exciting - he is sick! Not fun watching you child throw up!
Exciting - next weekend I get to take the kids to their Grandparents with a friend (so that means I don't need to drive :) hehe)
None-Exciting - my husbands work week went from 5 days to 1 day
Exciting - it's Friday and I get the weekend off, just me and the kids (and hubby too)
None-Exciting - it's time change weekend this weekend, I sure hope it doesn't mess up my kids sleeping schedule!
Exciting - I can't WAIT to get all the stuff I ordered from Faithworks Boutique!! Thanks to Andrea for the gift certificate I won, so I could get even more stuff for my daughter.. we will be doing a photo shoot :)
None-Exciting - Dr.'s appointment next week (will post on this if it's interesting, and NO nothing to do with pregnancy, then it would be under Exciting!)
Exciting - The sun is shining and I CAN'T WAIT until summer time!!

Anyway, hope that fills you in on what's going on around here :) Anything exciting or non-exciting things happening at your place??

Sunday, March 01, 2009

How Green Are You?

You may be surprised to read the title of this post. If you've been here before you would not that I'm not your super green concious people. I have never cloth diapered (although I was going to try it due to my daughter's diaper rash at one point), I've never seperated my garbage to recycle (it would be easy to do if I was set up for it).. So what made me decide to post about 'being green'? Well you see, I watched this little documentary clip on dumpster divers, living on other people's garbage. It was very interesting. People would arrange to meet and they would go through dumpsters gathering food (thrown out by super markets, still packaged but on the best before date), furniture, and clothing and other miscellaneous stuff. These were not poor people either! These were business people, accountant's and lawyers and many others! This was a choice these people made, a lifestyle that they wanted! I must say, that this something that I could not do, I don't know if it's my pride or just societies view of people going through the garbage and the labels.. but I must say that these people are truely committed to living a Green lifestyle.
Along the lines of dumpster diving, my husband, on his days off, has decided to help his friend collect bottles (his friend doesn't have a job). So they go off with the truck in the morning and collect bottles from dumpsters (bottles that people have just thrown out) and they usually get back by lunch time and by supper time they've made $200-350 in one day!! This is just from what people throw out!!
So all in all, it has really made me think twice about what I throw out, and I love websites like Freecycle! Not only can you get free stuff, but you can also get rid of your 'junk' as well and give it to someone who sees a treasure. So I guess each to their own - we all do a small part in taking care of this earth :)