Friday, March 06, 2009

It's Friday!

I figured I should blog about something today, since I have a little bit of time. Although it's just one of those days that I'm not sure what to blog about :) There are a few exciting and none exciting things going on around here.
Exciting - my son slept in for the first time this week
Non-Exciting - he is sick! Not fun watching you child throw up!
Exciting - next weekend I get to take the kids to their Grandparents with a friend (so that means I don't need to drive :) hehe)
None-Exciting - my husbands work week went from 5 days to 1 day
Exciting - it's Friday and I get the weekend off, just me and the kids (and hubby too)
None-Exciting - it's time change weekend this weekend, I sure hope it doesn't mess up my kids sleeping schedule!
Exciting - I can't WAIT to get all the stuff I ordered from Faithworks Boutique!! Thanks to Andrea for the gift certificate I won, so I could get even more stuff for my daughter.. we will be doing a photo shoot :)
None-Exciting - Dr.'s appointment next week (will post on this if it's interesting, and NO nothing to do with pregnancy, then it would be under Exciting!)
Exciting - The sun is shining and I CAN'T WAIT until summer time!!

Anyway, hope that fills you in on what's going on around here :) Anything exciting or non-exciting things happening at your place??

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Carrie said...

Good idea... I should do a post about the non-exciting and exciting things in my life too. :)