Monday, August 25, 2008

To All the Readers :)

I added this new gadet to my blog and it's been really interesting!! I get to see all of you lurkers out there :) well.. not really see see.. but it tells me where the people are from that check out my blog (as in country and province or state).. no it's not really meant to be creepy or anything like that.. it's just pretty cool to see that people are actually checking out my blog - regardless of the fact that MOST of YOU are NOT posting COMMENTS :) are you getting my hint :) lol.. I would love to hear from you guys, even if you don't have a blogger account- - just leave an anon comment with your first name! I would also like any comments that you may have to keep this blog interesting - besides posting more often : ) (I know, I know, summer time is tuff to keep up, hope I will have more time this winter)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking to you for some help :)

So any of you have 2 1/2 year olds?? any of you used to have 2 1/2 year olds?? I need some suggestions! My son has recently started something that I don't really like, and I want to figure out some creative way of deterring this type of behaviour. Mind you I know that a lot of kids this age, and with a younger sibling go through this. First of all, it seems like he feels like he has to parent her - he's very protective of her and if she's doing something he knows he was not supposed to, he goes "no, no, no K" or pulls or pushes her away. I try to tell him that I will tell her and that he doesn't have to, but that isn't seeming to sink in.. What do I do??

Second situation, "NO I AM NOT!" what do you do with that? I have been trying to ignore it, as in not giving him power to his words, or engaging in them (starting a fight). But I would like to find an active way of trying to get him to stop.

So I'm open to suggestions - looking for something creative - anything :) Here's to trying to raise a wonderful son while keeping his personality and spirit alive :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

YAY for long weekends!!

We had an AMAZING long weekend.. lots of fun!! and hardly any expense too :) My family had a campout at one of their farms.. so needless to say, my son had so much fun running around outside and jumping on the trampoline and playing with all of his cousins!! It was a great experience for him! K just loved being able to walk around where ever she wanted too... yes that's right, my 10 month old is WALKING!!! She's doing great and started walking 1 day after turning 10 months - ambitious girl :)

So some news from me.. I had a get together/interview with my new clients :) wow that sounds so professional.. no I have decided to take on two more kids part time. It's going to be busy, but it will be a good way to save up - me and hubby would like to take an international vacation in spring - this way we can save up faster!! Here are some fun summer pics of our fam :)

Friday, August 01, 2008

WINNER - from Bloggy Giveaway!!

The winner of my Bloggy Giveaway is lucky Meg from 11th Love. Congratz!! A HUGE thank you to all who entered - and if you fell in LOVE with all the amazing things Signature HomeStyles has to offer - don't hesitate to order or even sign up as a representative!! It is really EASY and ONLY $25 start-up!!!

Bloggy Carnival Giveaway!! *sticky post*

I decided last minute to join this Bloggy Carnival Giveaway - there are TONZ of giveaways this week! There are some pretty amazing prizes that I'm sure I will win *fingers crossed* :)

So anyway - like I said, I decided to join the festivities and am giving away a prize, a $25 gift certificate towards a purchase of any item from Signature HomeStyles (purchased from me of course). So without any further ado, here are the rules:

  1. Please visit the Signature HomeStyles Fall/Winter Online Catalogue and come back here and post a comment telling me your favorite holiday item (Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas). This will enter you for the $25 gift certificate. (CAN$) The link shouldn't ask for a rep# but if it does mine is #80601. This link isn't working for a lot of people so please try THIS ONE and then click on online catalogue. Please let me know if this works better. Thanks for your patience!

  2. If you would like to have another entry then write a post on your blog about My Challenge (not Bloggy Carnival related) remembering to link back to my post and you will recieve an entry for this giveaway plus one entry for My Challenge giveaway. Please comment that you have posted on your blog.

  3. Please make sure that your posts have your email address or that your blog is open so that I can get ahold of you. I will wait 24 hrs after trying to contact you and then I will draw again.

  4. Giveaway open to anyone (18 plus) with a Canadian/US mailing address.

  5. I will be closing the contest at 3:00pm MST on Friday, August 1

CHALLENGE - For You and Me *Scroll down for new posts*

*Sticky post - scroll down for newer posts*
The challenge for me is to sign up 5 people to sell Signature HomeStyles. I know I mentioned it once before, the fact that I started a home business in March, so I would like to share a little with you.

How did you get involved in Signature HomeStyles?

I have always wanted to try my own home business, but wanted to find one that I liked and I felt I would benefit from. I've been to Mary Kay, Partylite, Tupperware Parties, and etc. but I didn't really feel they were for me. My sister in law then told me about a party she had gone to with home decor - she had really liked it and found the prices quite reasonable. So I checked out Signature HomeStyles - and they had (and still have) an amazing start-up program - you can get your starter kit FOR $25! The kit has amazing products and regularly cost around $250 or so - what they do is take your commissions for the first few shows (or show, if you have a good one) until the rest of the balance is payed off (if you decide to quit before paying off the kit, they charge your CC). So it's awesome not to have to put out a lot of money to get started! The first month I was committed to 4 shows and since then I can determine how many or few shows I want to do! oh and the commission is great for those extra home projects I want to do!

Is it hard?

Nope, not really. I find that I really enjoy parties and look at them as a girls night out (plus it's nice for me to get out of the house once in a while without the kids). Signature has a really great program and I do all of my orders online (since that's fastest and REALLY easy!) and everyone I've talked to is really helpful! The parties I do are farely short (my spiel anyway) so that the ladies can enjoy chatting, looking at catalogues, snacking, and just have a good time!
What is the best thing about Signatures products?

One of the best things about Signature products is that they offer a wide variety of design styles, like country, Victorian, modern, classic, etc, - I like to say that you can find something that anyone will like, something for your Grandmother, mom, Aunties, sisters, best friends - anyone! Second thing I like about Signature's products is that they are very versatile and work really well with each other!

My Challenge For YOU!

I am going to give away an amazing Signature HomeStyles product (yet to be determined, but I am thinking of the cube and basket set, like below but in Expresso, and includes one cube, one medium sized basket and two smaller baskets, valued at $123CAN) and here are the rules to enter:

  1. For ONE entry - write a post on your blog about my challenge - linked to my blog and mentioning that I am looking to sign on consultants. (please comment that you have put up a post)
  2. For FIVE entries - Give me a name and contact of someone you think would be really interested/good at something like this (please mention this to them so they aren't upset if I contact them)
  3. For TEN entries - for you if you decide to do a book party
  4. For FIFTEEN entries - for you if anyone signs up with me through your blog post and/or you giving me their contact information
  5. For TWENTY entries - if YOU sign up with me!

If you would like to look at the new Fall/Winter catalogue please click here. Also if you have any questions about Signature HomeStyles - please ask!! Signature also has MANY great promotions for new consultants, so just ask me about them - it will be well worth your while! If you think you would like to make an order, consider doing a book party (where I will send you a few catalogues that you and your girlfriends can look at and order from) and you can earn half price and free items, plus be eligible for the hostess special of the month!

**contest open to anyone in Canada and USA (Americans - pricing varies since all my info is in CAN $) contest will run until October 31, 2008**