Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking to you for some help :)

So any of you have 2 1/2 year olds?? any of you used to have 2 1/2 year olds?? I need some suggestions! My son has recently started something that I don't really like, and I want to figure out some creative way of deterring this type of behaviour. Mind you I know that a lot of kids this age, and with a younger sibling go through this. First of all, it seems like he feels like he has to parent her - he's very protective of her and if she's doing something he knows he was not supposed to, he goes "no, no, no K" or pulls or pushes her away. I try to tell him that I will tell her and that he doesn't have to, but that isn't seeming to sink in.. What do I do??

Second situation, "NO I AM NOT!" what do you do with that? I have been trying to ignore it, as in not giving him power to his words, or engaging in them (starting a fight). But I would like to find an active way of trying to get him to stop.

So I'm open to suggestions - looking for something creative - anything :) Here's to trying to raise a wonderful son while keeping his personality and spirit alive :)

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Allie said...

Erm ... wow. Not too sure what to say to help you out. My son is like a Mother Hen to my daughter as well but it is usually in the moments that I have my head turned and haven't seen what she has done. Luckily, he usually defers all of the big no no's to Mommy to handle (as in tattling).

My son can get cheeky and respond to me like NO! or I DON'T THINK SO etc. That usually gets something of value taken away from him for the day with a gentle but firm verbal reprimand that talking like that is not tolerated within our house. We then go on and show him how he should have responded to such a situation.

Sigh ..... kids ..... my biggest issue right now is my son copy catting the behaviours of the daycare children. It is driving me around the bend really.