Monday, August 25, 2008

To All the Readers :)

I added this new gadet to my blog and it's been really interesting!! I get to see all of you lurkers out there :) well.. not really see see.. but it tells me where the people are from that check out my blog (as in country and province or state).. no it's not really meant to be creepy or anything like that.. it's just pretty cool to see that people are actually checking out my blog - regardless of the fact that MOST of YOU are NOT posting COMMENTS :) are you getting my hint :) lol.. I would love to hear from you guys, even if you don't have a blogger account- - just leave an anon comment with your first name! I would also like any comments that you may have to keep this blog interesting - besides posting more often : ) (I know, I know, summer time is tuff to keep up, hope I will have more time this winter)


Andrea said...

Cool gadget! I see you had someone all the way from the United Kingdom drop by! :)

Stacey said...

Well, you know I'm here ;)