Saturday, June 30, 2007

Working outside...

My mom came out last week to help with some yard work. I knew I was going to get my topsoil sometime during the week but not exactly when.. and thankfully it came on Tuesday. After sitting for a day, they came and leveled it Wednesday morning.. needless to say we were very happy since mom was going home on Thursday afternoon - so we worked all afternoon, and mom all evening yet too (I had to take care of my little boy - altho I'm sure he would have loved to play in the dirt too!!). This is us and the carload we drove almost half-way across town just to get a cedar tree home (we don't have a truck), and I even drove slow enough that it didn't dump out when driving on the awful, pot-holed roads!! And this is the finished product after they finished our sod.. it's hard to see, I know but it was the best I could do for now.. altho I must say that I am not totally done yet - there are some areas I have to get crushed rock in and some more edging too, but it's good at this point this year.. I shouldn't really be working that hard in the dirt anyway I suppose...

And it's a contest for you Moms!!

Adventures in Babywearing in combination with SuperMomz is giving away a Moby wrap in your choice of color.. I am hoping that I can win one of these cuz they look pretty nifty and with #2 on the way may be handy! Who knows, I may become one of those babywearing moms :) Here's a pic of one of the wraps...

So head out to Adventures in Babywearing to enter the contest :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here's to helping dad...

About a month ago (or so) I had bought a sort of hope chest that I use as a coffee table for now, and my hubby put it together.. with the help of his son :) take a look :)

I love this last pic.. we didn't even tell TJ to put his hand on the drill, as soon as Kevin got the drill out TJ was right there!! I just love how my son is such a little boy :)

In other news - our sod got delivered today!! I'm pretty excited.. I will have to take lots of pics once my yard is done!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Here it is folks :)

So I finally found the time to download some pics - I have a lot to catch up on so I'll only do bits at a time :) so first of all my belly pic today - so that would be at 27 1/2 weeks.. I don't feel this picture does me justice, I feel much bigger than I look!

So at my last appointment baby was doing good, altho in the breech position (Dr figured I had lots of time and not to worry) the heartrate was at 128!! which I thought was low - but again the Dr wasn't worried at all.. so next appointment is in July and after that I'll probably have to go in every two weeks or so.. which is good, but at the same time I'll need a babysitter a lot more often cuz my boy doen't fair so well sitting and waiting in the Dr. office, not being able to run around!! Anyway here are a few more random pics of my boy..

As you can tell my son discovered climbing.. he's all over the place, the other day Kevin was at home with him and one second he was beside him, the next my boy had climbed up onto the dinner table and was sitting there saying - I did it :) The two loves of my life!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good News

Well today I got the good news from the Dr.! No diabetes!! YAY, that means I can still eat those sweets I'm craving :) Just thot I'd let u know :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


How easy it is to fall into a busy life during the summer!! This week I have appointments all week!! Altho I am really looking forward to and not looking forward to my appointment tomorrow.. you see I had the gestational diabetes test done and my levels were too high so I had to go in for more testing.. So yesterday I was at the hospital for two hours doing the 2 hr test :) and tomorrow I find out the news from my Dr. I am really hoping and praying that it is not diabetes - I did a little research on it and I know it's not the worst thing in the world.. but it is a little scary thinking of possible side effects - like there are greater chances that I could develop diabetes in the future, higher baby birth weight, chances are increased that the baby could develop hypo/hyperglycimia (I'm not sure which one it is) and there are a number of other things as well. Altho nothing life threatening - but it's scary to have to have such a big change in one's life.. anyone else go thro Gestational Diabetes?

Friday, June 01, 2007

YAY for contests!!

Here is a new contest for $50 towards some really cool shoes from Vincent shoes.. I absolutely love the 'Betty' (or mini Betty) shoes.. altho I don't have a baby girl yet :) There are also some really stylin' boys shoes too (which are hard to find)
Check out Adventures in Babywearing for more details and to enter the contest :)

Update on Kevin's Test...

So today Kevin found out that he passed his test/course!! YAY!! Thank you to everyone that had him in your thoughts and prayers.. This means that between now and Christmas he will be moving up in his position at work (he has to train up for a while before it's considered full time)..

oh and we are baking 17 dozen cookies.. its for one day at the local bible camp :)