Wednesday, June 13, 2007


How easy it is to fall into a busy life during the summer!! This week I have appointments all week!! Altho I am really looking forward to and not looking forward to my appointment tomorrow.. you see I had the gestational diabetes test done and my levels were too high so I had to go in for more testing.. So yesterday I was at the hospital for two hours doing the 2 hr test :) and tomorrow I find out the news from my Dr. I am really hoping and praying that it is not diabetes - I did a little research on it and I know it's not the worst thing in the world.. but it is a little scary thinking of possible side effects - like there are greater chances that I could develop diabetes in the future, higher baby birth weight, chances are increased that the baby could develop hypo/hyperglycimia (I'm not sure which one it is) and there are a number of other things as well. Altho nothing life threatening - but it's scary to have to have such a big change in one's life.. anyone else go thro Gestational Diabetes?

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