Saturday, October 25, 2008

Silly Kids

The wonderful moments in my life:

My cutie pie, being silly :) He needed a new pair of socks I guess! (my oven mits if you can't tell)
My son was being really stubborn, but I was more stubborn! I wouldn't let him leave his chair until he ate his lunch... so, he just fell asleep on his chair :) I guess that's one way to win a battle :)
Sunday afternoon - I was exhausted and curled up on the love seat, my son was equally exhausted I guess, and decided to lie down next to me on the floor for a snooze too :)

I think my daughter is going to be such a 'mom'. She's 'feeding' her friend his sippy cup even though he's actually older than her :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Routine or not?

Ok, since this is the second time I'm writing this, it probably won't be quite as in depth :) So since September has come and gone and October is on the way out - I don't think that I'm gonna have this routine thing down pat. Oh we do have somewhat of a routine to the kids day, but around here we have to be flexible - as in, one phone call and we have to leave for a one day trip out of town :) This week I am getting two more daycare kids - so I am going to have to step it up with my day management! So I do the things up town, like grocery shopping, on my 'free' mornings (cuz we all know how happy kids are shopping just before bed time). Laundry and such chores will have to be done when the kids are here so as not to take up the 'free' mornings :) I think it will be good though, the kids are very much the same age as my two!

On another note, Thanksgiving meal was great at our house! I made my very own first Thanksgiving dinner all by myself and it turned out great!! Well I did have to make a few calls to my mom for a few opinions - and Michelle helped out in some prep work and such - but regardless, I was farely proud of myself :) There was very many of us eating but I did send a bunch of food along with a friend of my hubby's for a few bach-ing guys.
So my two wonderful kids, whom I dearly love - and are so sweet and cute - also have a lot of their own personality and bossy-ness. My son (2.5yrs) is always telling my daughter (1yr) what to do and taking stuff away and sometimes being just mean (regardless of my teachings!!) and today he finally got what was coming to him - K bit TJ!!! yeah, like hard (but not bleeding). Although I in NO way want to encourage a biter, it was like finally TJ got some back of what he was giving out. It was hard not to smile a little - sometimes they need to learn a lesson from someone their own size I suppose :) Anyway here are a few pics of my wonderful loving cuties :)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Trade Show!!

So this weekend was super busy - I was working a BIG local woman's tradeshow - Saturday and Sunday, ALL DAY!! Needless to say my feet are sore and my legs are tired, but it was all worth it!! I booked quite a few shows for Oct and Nov, so I'm really excited!! It was great to get out of the house and interact with a lot of people - I love the social aspect of meet and greet. That's what I miss so much about not working, getting that social interaction! It was great coming home though too! My son exclaimed, "Mom, you're home!!" and gave me many big hugs and kisses!! My daughter ran into my arms too and wanted her 'lap' time with me :) It makes it so much more obvious how much I mean to my kids and makes me feel so warm with love inside! It definately makes up for the difficult times with them!

A little tidbit - me and my GF and a few other friends are going to the Backstreet Boys concert - next month, we got row 5 tickets!! I know this may sound cheesy, but it's like the back in high school girl has come out in me :) It's gonna be a blast - a silly, fun, screaming, giddy, laughing, once in a lifetime chance!