Thursday, July 26, 2007

More to give away :)

Here's one for the boys :) Actually more like one for all of you crafty moms out there :) Over at Shakhammer they are having a Super Cool Tool Giveaway. Check it out - anyone would love to win them! Drea is also giving away a onesie from My Rock Star Baby. They are pretty cute and I love the sayings on them too.. some days all you would need to put on there for a saying would be 'NO!'

That's it for now, my boy just woke up..

I just found an awesome give-away at 5 minutes for Mom in combination with Best Buy, they are giving away a... are you ready for this.. a 37" flat panel LCD HDTV!! But I don't think you have time to enter :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Back.. Again :)

So the trip out to my parents went really well! Tristian just LOVED being outside and running around and playing with the four kittens and the dog! Never mind that everywhere he looked he found another "brrrm brrrrm" he could always be found climbing onto the quad or ride on lawn mower or some other small piece of equipment... By the end of the weekend he knew that he had to have 'papa's key, put it in the ignition, turn the key and press the starter and he could start the quad!!! He's not even 2 yet!! So needless to say, don't ever leave keys in the ignition in any type of vehicle with him around!! I so wish I had a fence now so my boy could run around, cuz every afternoon he would nap from 1 until 4!!! because he had got so much exercise outside.. he normally naps only until 2:30 or 3.. Anyway, things are still going well in my pregnancy, weather hasn't been too bad, feet haven't swelled yet, baby keeps moving - and hopefully will flip soon!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

32 week Dr. Appointment

So things are continuing to look good this pregnancy - altho I think I may have a stubborn baby on my hands :) haha.. the baby is still breech - and my Dr. figured I need to stand on my head for a while :) The heartrate is at 126 or so, which according to wivestales means I'm having a boy - altho according to ultrasound there are no boy parts on this babe :) and either I'm gonna have a big baby or baby may come sooner than expected since the measurements are big for the dates that I have.. Oh well - I suppose what's going to happen will happen, I'm just getting excited to meet this baby already!!

In other news, my great-grandfather just passed away today - which is/was also his birthday.. but really it is an answer to prayer. He was not doing well; he was in a semi-coma state and they just found out he had lung cancer as well - this way he didn't have to suffer long! He turned 92 (I believe) today - and lived long enough to see his first great-great-grandchild: Tristian!!

October 2006

At 91 he could still walk his first great-great-grandchild!

These memories will be cherished and shared for many years to come!

Monday, July 16, 2007

More Give-aways

So this time, Kangaroodle is giving away $50 gift certificate - visit Adventures in Babywearing to enter.. They are also hoping to let everyone know about the launch of a new website called Mama Speaks. If I win I think I would try out one of their slings - that's the one thing I'm hoping to get before this baby comes :) Altho I don't usually win things, so I don't know why I keep trying - oh well I suppose it doesn't hurt :)

Friday, July 13, 2007


Check out a new contest at Fina' Drea for a cute onesie from Blessed Baby. They are pretty cute :) Today is super hot - but I'm stayin cool inside! not much is goin on so I'll add some pictures :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I hope this works..

So I finally made some time to try and post a movie up here.. it is of Tristian and some of his animal sounds etc. My favorite is the fish!!! Hope it works..

Here is a pic of my Dad and Tristian at some falls in BC on the way to Burns Lake...

And last but not least, myself at 31 weeks preggo :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm back..

So we made it back from Burns Lake BC, after a weekend of camping.. and thanks Andrea and Stacey for commenting :) at least I'm not doing this in vain :) We had a good time, altho it was sure out in the bush kind of place! The weather was not too bad - one day was pretty hot and I got a little sunburn but not too bad.. Things went well with Tristian, my family was such a big help with him!! but his schedule was really thrown off while we were there... oh well, time to get back to it now that we are home.. I have been really impressed with Tristian, we have started to potty train him, but we are taking it easy - not hardcoring it yet, he is still wearing a diaper but I take him to pee on the potty several times thro-out the day. Anyway, this morning he was saying pee - so I took him and sure enuff, he peed on the potty, and he has already told me again that he needed to go, I took him again with a positive result!! So I am excited that he is starting to learn! hopefully this will keep up! Sorry I don't have any pictures yet, but I will try to get some up soon :) I need to go and unpack and re-organize everything :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


So I have decided that either my life must be extremely boring or my blogger comments aren't working.. hello, anyone out there??? Haha... I am super excited about going camping this weekend.. it's been way too long since I've been out camping.. should be fun - altho I am hoping I'll get some help with watching my boy.. he loves to boot around everywhere and this 7 month preggo doesn't feel like running around 24-7 :) yeah my hubby's workin and me and the boy are taking a trip out - he loves seeing his 'mama' and 'papa' (he can't get the 'grand' part so he says what he can :) you all take care this week and hopefully when I get back someone will have commented :)