Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Back.. Again :)

So the trip out to my parents went really well! Tristian just LOVED being outside and running around and playing with the four kittens and the dog! Never mind that everywhere he looked he found another "brrrm brrrrm" he could always be found climbing onto the quad or ride on lawn mower or some other small piece of equipment... By the end of the weekend he knew that he had to have 'papa's key, put it in the ignition, turn the key and press the starter and he could start the quad!!! He's not even 2 yet!! So needless to say, don't ever leave keys in the ignition in any type of vehicle with him around!! I so wish I had a fence now so my boy could run around, cuz every afternoon he would nap from 1 until 4!!! because he had got so much exercise outside.. he normally naps only until 2:30 or 3.. Anyway, things are still going well in my pregnancy, weather hasn't been too bad, feet haven't swelled yet, baby keeps moving - and hopefully will flip soon!!

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