Friday, July 13, 2007


Check out a new contest at Fina' Drea for a cute onesie from Blessed Baby. They are pretty cute :) Today is super hot - but I'm stayin cool inside! not much is goin on so I'll add some pictures :)


Warren & Liane Thiessen said...

Your boy is so cute!
About the Raclette... We got the one we have for our wedding and I think it was from Stokes! You can get Raclette cheese as well (my sister-in-law bought some at the Superstore), but I think it is very expensive.
That's a pretty funny dream. Well, maybe we will meet one day!


Hope you enjoy the last 2 month of your pregnancy!

Aunti Meli said...

The pic of TJ in the tent looks almost professionally done. The way the light is coming in looks so cool! The stuff is not in vain at all. Most people just end up looking! Keep it going.

Ellen said...

Thanks for the info Liane! I will be keeping my eye out for one now that I know what it's called :) yeah who knows, we may meet one day :)
Thanks Melinda, that pic is just one of those point and click - but turned out good.. yeah I know there are a lot of people just reading, at least this way family can keep updated without me clogging up their email with large files of pics.. good to hear from you!