Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm back..

So we made it back from Burns Lake BC, after a weekend of camping.. and thanks Andrea and Stacey for commenting :) at least I'm not doing this in vain :) We had a good time, altho it was sure out in the bush kind of place! The weather was not too bad - one day was pretty hot and I got a little sunburn but not too bad.. Things went well with Tristian, my family was such a big help with him!! but his schedule was really thrown off while we were there... oh well, time to get back to it now that we are home.. I have been really impressed with Tristian, we have started to potty train him, but we are taking it easy - not hardcoring it yet, he is still wearing a diaper but I take him to pee on the potty several times thro-out the day. Anyway, this morning he was saying pee - so I took him and sure enuff, he peed on the potty, and he has already told me again that he needed to go, I took him again with a positive result!! So I am excited that he is starting to learn! hopefully this will keep up! Sorry I don't have any pictures yet, but I will try to get some up soon :) I need to go and unpack and re-organize everything :)


Andrea said...

Yeah, we just went camping this weekend too...and there seems like there's so much clean up afterwards...all that unpacking, laundry, laundry, more laundry and get everything back to it's spot!!! Oh well...I LOVE camping and I think it's worth it! ;)

Stacey said...

That's so great that Tristian will tell you 'pee'! Rowan only tells us at night for some strange reason. During the day I have to try to remember to take him. He's doing really good though. Most days he's dry all day now, excepts for poopy diapers. Still haven't figured out how to get him to do THAT on the potty!

Was it you that asked about how big Rowan was when he was born? Anyway, he was 8 lbs, 0.8 oz. So, on the bigger side of average I guess. I was surprised how big he was, but I think this one will be much bigger, unless I have it really soon!

Ellen said...

yeah I still haven't done the laundry yet :) oops.. oh well, I was cleaning the house yesterday and today I have to go shopping too cuz Kevin cleaned out the fridge while we were gone :) yeah I'm so glad Tristian says 'pee' cuz it helps me remember - altho he doesn't say it all the time and he also hasn't gone poop yet, but we're just starting so I hope that will come with time. Yeah it was me who asked how big Rowan was when born, that's not too bad size, and actually I just read yesterday that towards the end baby's don't grow as fast (which is opposite to what I thot but oh well)