Wednesday, July 04, 2007


So I have decided that either my life must be extremely boring or my blogger comments aren't working.. hello, anyone out there??? Haha... I am super excited about going camping this weekend.. it's been way too long since I've been out camping.. should be fun - altho I am hoping I'll get some help with watching my boy.. he loves to boot around everywhere and this 7 month preggo doesn't feel like running around 24-7 :) yeah my hubby's workin and me and the boy are taking a trip out - he loves seeing his 'mama' and 'papa' (he can't get the 'grand' part so he says what he can :) you all take care this week and hopefully when I get back someone will have commented :)


Andrea said..., no comments coming your way, huh? Well, I figured I'd better leave one for my poor commentless ice-cream eatin', campin', super momma Ellener! (there, how's THAT for a nickname?! haha). Anyways, hope you had fun camping...we are planning to go this coming week too...I can HARDLY wait! Now all i have to do is get everything organized! Sigh. :) Oh'll be worth it!

Stacey said...

I know how you feel about running after a little person by yourself when you're prego! Rowan thinks it's so fun to run away when we are shopping or out somewhere. Some days I almost consider just letting him go, and let him figure it out!!

As far as not commenting... sorry, I tend to not do a whole lot of that. I'll try more!!