Thursday, September 04, 2008


New that the new school year is starting again, it's got me thinking.. it could be only 2 years until I'm sending my oldest off to school!! CRAZY!! The reason I say 'it could be' is because it's going to be our choice because my son was born in December - so I could send him when he's 4 3/4 or when he's 5 3/4. I know we are going to have to wait until that time to see if he is ready emotionally, mentally, etc, but still, how do you know? Or would it be trial and error (as in send him when he's 4 and if he's not ready send him again when he's 5)? It may be obvious at the time, so we won't worry about that yet :) Plus, this year I am going to send him to Sunday school - starting to get him used to the classroom idea :) I tried last year, but with K just having been born, and all the adjustments, he just wasn't ready. A friend of mine is sending her son to pre-school this year, and was telling me about trying to figure out which school to send him to; it really got me to think! What school am I going to send my son/kids? There is a Christian school here, public schools, catholic schools, and french immersion public and catholic... so lots of options!! what do you make a defining factor? Programs, academics, faith? How do you choose and how much of an impact will our choice be on our childrens futures?

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Andrea said...

I know...I think about school too, even though Tate is only 2. :) In fact, we have already 99% for sure decided what we are going to do...and that is homeschooling. :) I don't know how it will all work quite yet...but we have a few years to figure it out...but like you, I still like to think ahead & plan ahead!