Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Travel Tip Tuesday: Mexico

Have you ever wanted to go to Mexico? Why? Well I'm sure the first reason why is because of the warm weather! Two of the biggest names in Mexico are Cancun and Puerto Vallarta (PV) - I will list a few reasons to travel to Mexico and which area better suits the reason :)
Snorkeling - Cancun!! The water is incredible!! Warm and clear - PV water is cold and muddy :)
Authentic Mexican culture - PV will definitely provide you with this! Cancun is a very Americanized center, although if you take excursions you can get a glimpse of the Mexican culture. Another great place to check out is the Mayan Riviera, with small towns through out the area that you can explore.
Clubbing/Partying - Although PV can offer a great party, Cancun offers some incredible and popular clubs (Coco Bongo) again this has a lot to do with the Americanization of Cancun!
Markets - Although Cancun has some great markets, they are harder to find through all the malls. PV, with a lot more of the Mexican culture, caters a lot more towards markets (don't forget to barter!)
Authentic Mexican Food - Although you can find some Authentic Mexican food in Cancun.. it is a lot harder to find than the restaurant chains you are familiar with!

There are a lot of great places to experience in Mexico - but please don't go to Puerto Vallarta for the sole purpose of snorkeling!!! You will be disappointed! :)

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