Monday, October 26, 2009

Ladies Retreat and more..

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend our churches ladies retreat. My husband was home and had the kids all day while I spent the day being refreshed :) I loved getting to know a few new ladies, and not just getting to know them but really being real with each other!! I was in such a wonderful state of mind that when I walked in my house to find it a COMPLETE disaster, I wasn't even phased, just got to it and clean everything up within 1.5hrs and then made supper!! God is good!!

On a different note, I have been going through a bout of baby envy.. or maybe pregnancy envy. Now I don't want to make anyone feel bad about their expecting child, that is not my intention, on the contrary I am extremely happy for each and every announcement that I hear - having children is a wonderful thing!! That's part of it though, the announcements.. since having my miscarriage in July I have heard of at least 8 pregnancies (from people I know) and probably half of them are due around or in the month that I would have been due. I know that with my first two children we conceived easily and had relatively no complications with labor and delivery, and of course I am so thankful for that! I suppose now it's my turn to feel that ache, after so many others I know have gone through it and probably looked at me thinking it wasn't fair. Either way, I send love and congratulations to all who are expecting a precious bundle of joy, and I know that my turn will come soon enough. Who knows, maybe this is God's way of helping me KNOW that I want another child - it was such a big uncertainty for me (to have a 3rd or not) but after miscarrying I KNOW I want another one!!

Me and my two turkeys :) K and TJ, I love you so much!! Love Mommy


Andrea said...

Yeah...I know, the wait can be hard! I really hope and pray that you'll have good news about another little blessing on the way soon! :)

Ellen said...

Thanks Andrea! I know there are so many other women that can relate because of different reasons. I know I just need to be patient, and hopefully there will be news to share soon, that would be nice!