Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crazy Edmonton!!

So we had a quick trip out to Edmonton to meet up with Kevin's parents and also to visit Kevin's uncle in the hospital. It was really good to see family again and of course Tristian enjoyed all the attention and seeing "papa and mama"; when we left he was crying in his carseat that he wanted papa! He hates saying good byes :) We then spent the afternoon at The mall, and boy was WEM sure busy!! I'm sure summer saturday afternoon's are always the busiest! I have a few pics that I will download tomorrow (hopefully)..

Another contest.. it is held by When 2 became 3 and she is giving away a wrap. Now I am supposed to tell you why I love babywearing - well unfortunately I can't.. that is why I should win this thing :) I had not heard of babywearing when I had my first child, so I am now hoping to experience it with my second.


Stam House said...

You've love babywearingfor sure!!! Thanks for entering!

Susanna said...

Hopefully all goes well and that the baby turns! I agree that our little boys are a lot smarter than we think they are....they could really find themselves in trouble with vehicles if we weren't careful! Addison too LOVES anything with wheels - the bigger the better!