Thursday, March 15, 2007

Table pics & 14 weeks preggo pics

Here are the pics you've been waiting for :) or at least I have!! These two pics are of my new table set.. sorry for the boxes in the background, I haven't convinced my hubby to take them out yet (they are from unpacking the table).. altho I guess it's not completely his fault since he is at work today, in town. (He is back from work and done for the season for the most part - but helps out at the shop for some extra $$)
Sorry I couldn't rotate the picture, but you get the point :) and here's my little belly at 14 weeks.. I actually got my first comment of "are you pregnant/when's your due date?" altho it was from a 17 year old girl that could have embarressed herself since I was wearing a sweater and could easily have been just a little overweight :) I thought it was cute tho :)

So there you have it folks.. these are all the pics I have for you today. Enjoy!!


Jamie said...

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Congrats on the pregnancy! I know so many people due in September!

At least you WERE pregnant when you heard that comment :) Someone asked my sister if I was pregnant again just a few weeks after Keziah was born! (Again, just a young person who didn't know better, but still not fun to hear!)

Andrea said...

Hey Ellen...very nice table set!! And nice belly too! :) I'll phone you soon, kay? Thanks for the info about the time change...I thought it had happened but wasn't totally sure! :)

Ellen said...

sounds good Andrea

Stacey said...

Your belly grew! It's so fun when you actually start looking prego, instead of just feeling fat! YOu look so cute!

Susanna said...

Still just a little belly! I hated that stage actually, because I just felt fat and no one could tell yet that I was pregnant - I think you probably feel the same way! I think I was 6 months before people could actually tell for sure that I was pregnant :)

I love the table set!

Ellen said...

yeah i know what you mean Susanna! i still just feel tubby :) but probably within the next month and a half I'll probably start growing more, with TJ it was around 5 months that I actually looked pregnant..