Thursday, March 01, 2007

12 Weeks Finally!!!

I am excited to have finally made it to 12 weeks, it's seems to take so long, yet not really when looking back on it.. So I hope everything is well as I continue along - my Dr's appointment is on monday and then I'll know for sure :) so here is a pic of my little bump, it doesn't look that big - but i took the picture in the morning, and usually by evening it looks bigger (since i'm usually bloated or feeling that way)

Sorry I couldn't get my face in too, but I didn't have a place high enough to put my camera :) I've been feeling better and feeling like I have more energy which is nice.. altho things can still get a little rough with my boy, he's working on teeth and so periodically feels like he needs all of mom's attention and when he doesn't get it right away will let you know :)
Look at those sad puppy eyes :) my little sweetheart, but he is not unhappy all of the time.. he's got a pretty good temperament mostly, but I know we will have fun adjusting to baby #2 with him - because he will have to learn how to share his mom :) I found it kinda cute, last time I met Kevin in Valleyview for a visit, I think Tristian wasn't sure what to think about Dad kissing Mom and giving her cuddles - he looked as tho he might be a little jealous, like that's my Mom! haha.. oh yes the joys of a momma's boy :) but it's really not his fault cuz i'm all he has on a regular basis - things are gonna change this spring with having Kevin home during break-up and I know it's gonna be so hard for him when kevin goes back to work in the summer! oh well, no time to be borrowing trouble :) One day at a time :)

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Stacey said...

Cute bump! I know about the momma's boy thing too. Rowan likes to try and get inbetween Keith and me when we hug or kiss. It's funny how they think that they have to protect mommy!