Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thanks for the help...

So yesterday I started putting my table together.. table worked out good.. and then i started on the chairs, I almost finished two of them (I only had to put the seat on and 4 screws) and then i needed a break.. remember I'm preggo guys.. so I took a 30-40 min nap :) it was really nice! and then in the evening we had some friends come over and they actually helped me put together the rest of my chairs!! and we found out that I had not paid attention to one detail and had to redo a bunch of stuff on the chairs i had already almost finished!! oh well.. with help it didn't take long to finish everything and it looks so good!! I am so happy, I've been waiting since Christmas to get a table and chairs!! I will try to upload some pics this afternoon so you can see :)

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