Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Fun in the Summer

This summer my husband and TJ went fishing quite a bit. It's been great that they can have some 'boy' time! I really appreciate that they have found something to both enjoy as father/son time is SO incredibly important in my eyes. As great as a mom can be, nothing is the same as the time they can spend together! One time me and my daughter joined the boys at a local fishing spot and the kids had a fantastic time! K caught her first fish and TJ caught about 3! It was so cute, everytime when someone caught a fish, when it first dragged up on the shore, flopping around, K would let out a loud squeal of delight!

hehe.. it looks like our dog is smelling the flowers :)
TJ trying to help K real in her line, and yes that is a Barbie, light-up fishing rod :)

TJ trying to hold onto his fish as it's flopping around, so I can take a picture :)
K's first fish!!!


Goofball said...

a barbie light up fishing rod?? oh gosh, I want to try that!!!!

Ellen said...

lol.. yup it's the coolest rod ever :) my husband didn't even realize it was a light up one until he brought it home and I figured it out :)