Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthing Day - 4 years later :)

A big shout out to my boys.. each of them having a birthday!! My little TJ just turned 4. That's right F-O-U-R!!!!!! I still remember his birth day like it was yesterday! I remember not being able to sleep at all that night (I was being induced) and around 5am I would wake up every hour. I remember watching the numbers on my clock turn from 6:59 to 7:00! I slowly jumped out of bed, grabbed the phone to call the hospital (to see if they had room for me to come in). Any of you that know me know that I am NOT an early bird at all!! Butterflies in my stomach!! Sure enough they had room but told me to shower and have a light breakfast and call back. So I followed orders, and shortly called back. They told me that the Dr. was going to be late so I should take my time making my way to the hospital. Let me tell you it's hard to 'take your time' when you are so excited to meet your baby!! Either way by 9am I was in the hospital bed being monitered (they moniter for a good 1/2 hr before induction). By 9:30am we were told that the Dr. was going to be a little late (because he'd been up late the night before at a Christmas party, lol) but was on his way. 10am arrived and so did the Dr. :) I was induced. My beautiful baby boy was born at 5:31pm! 7lbs 1oz, 21" long. I didn't have a very good first night, even the nurse didn't know what to do to make my little TJ stop crying at one point. So by morning lets just say I was extremely emotional and by the time I went home I had the baby blues! Four days after my little TJ was born, we travelled to my hometown for Christmas (about a 6 hour drive). Christmas eve we decided to go in to the ER in the next town because my mom noticed what looked like the start of thrush. We quickly got in to see the Dr. and the kindhearted pharmacist unlocked the doors so we could get our perscription and head back home! It was a good Christmas. Although I was pretty emotional at the drop of a hat. Early morning on boxing day we left my hometown and drove about 16 or 17hours to my husband's family. We had a good time there as well, showing off our newest addition. We travelled back home on New Years day (about 11 hours) and then we finally had a few days to settle in at home as a family. We had a few days together and then my husband went back to work... or away to work. He then left for 3 weeks of work (which is standard for his work especially at that time of year). So there I was, all the whirlwind of the holidays over, just me and my baby boy at home to figure out all of this 'baby' thing :) Lets just say there were a lot of sleepless nights (yes probably a lot of them I felt sorry for myself) and sleeping all morning/afternoon while TJ was napping.
Long story short, Happy birthday to my big boy! Mommy loves you so much and I hope you had a very special birthday! You are and always will be mommy's precious boy, with your lopsided grin and infectious giggle. Your facination towards anything that is somewhat mechanical or seems mysterious (like how does that work??). You can be so loving and concerned for you sister, trying to comfort her when she's upset. You always have so many questions and so many things to say! I love trying to help you learn and understand how things work. I am trying my very best to teach you many important things in developing your character and every now and then you show me a glimpse of sucess :) I am so glad that I can be your Mommy and pray that everyday I can realize and remember that you are a gift, not to be taken for granted!

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