Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am SO sore today!!! Yesterday I started a BIG project, putting in a sidewalk beside my house (through my garden).. I got a really good start, I tilled everything and got about 1/3 of the sidewalk done.. I can't wait to get it finished!! Although I may have to wait a while, since it's supposed to rain/snow a lot of the week..

that took me all day.. well until about 6:30pm.. then I called it quits for the evening.. in other news K got a haircut, and even though it's not totally a 'style' but it looks so much more cleaned up.. I am also working on a summer SURPRISE birthday bash for my DH, even though his birthday is not until winter (but no one wants to drive in the winter) and I finally got ahold of some of his friends/co-workers that he has talked to in a long time.. and I'm really excited and hope everyone can come that I've invited..

So my daycare kids are down from 3 to one now, which has been a nice little change. I have more time now for outside/garden stuff (and of course time for the kids). I also managed to pick up reminant carpet FOR FREE for our basement, I so can't wait to get that set up too!! So much going on :)

So you've heard of Wordless Wednesdays.. well here is a Sleepy Sunday kind of picture I just had to share :) (I love sleeping babies!!)

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Andrea said...

Wow...that's quite the project - it looks good though. :)