Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not so much fun..

So I spent last night doing laundry.. you ask why? well my boy is sick, he's caught the flu bug. He was sick all night, I felt so bad for him.. i would just get him all cleaned up in clean clothes and all of that and then he would get all sick again all over himself (and me too) :) joys of motherhood :) but the funny thing is that if you would come over and see my little boy, you'd never think he's sick (except for the funny smell coming from his room) he's all smiles and talking and still crawling and going everywhere.. my little trooper.. hopefully he's done with it for the winter now.. anyway hope you all are enjoying your days (who ever is reading this). Now I gotta go finish laundry :)


Stacey said...

I remember my mother-in-law telling me how aweful it was for a baby to throw up, because they have no idea what's happening and it just gets all over them, especially if they are in a crib. I am so thankful that Rowan has never had the flu yet. He has thrown up, due to too much food before bathtime... but it was pretty minor.

Ellen said...

yes it sure is aweful.. i felt so bad for him especially when he was dry heaving.. his poor little body was totally in turmoil.. there is no way to explain it.. it's so hard to watch your little child go thro that! and last night he didn't want to go to sleep and i think it was because he was scared it would happen again.. but i am glad he is getting better now! he hasn't thrown up since yesterday morning..