Saturday, November 18, 2006

My little man on the move..

Well Kevin has gone back to work again.. I had him home for two weeks (which was a treat) and he was working from 8-5 so that means he still gets a bit of a paycheck (instead of none when he has days off).. plus we remained sain in this house because he wasn't sitting around all day for two weeks!! (when that happens i just want to kick him out for a few hours so i can get some stuff done :) So last night was tough, but the neighbor boy came over to play computer games and a girlfriend of mine came to visit - so the evening past quickly.. and since all of Kevin's suitcases were out of the living room I was able to clean it up so my little man could move around on the floor again :) And boy did he move..

Mom I have no time to look at your camera, I'm busy... :) Well I am wishing I could be out in Saskatchewan right about now, I would have liked to catch up to all of you that are out there at Alumni, but I guess that's not always possible..

By the way I have a question for you Bloggers out there.. should I change over to that new version or not? I do not have a google account, just a blogger one. Is it really better?


Stacey said...

alumni was pretty good. We did miss you though! There just didn't seem to be enough time for us to visit with everyone. Though we did find out that Lorilee is engaged, and that Louise is expecting a baby, but maybe you already knew that. We also had a great time staying with the Blumrich's. Their boys were so cute, and lot's of fun!

Ellen said...

wow! so much changes in so little time huh? no i had no idea that Lorilee is engaged that Louise is gonna have a baby!!! that's so neat! I wish that everyone would have one of these blogs.. it should be manditory that when you graduate from nbi you gotta get one of these :) haha..