Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Special Event this past October

In the beginning of October I went home to La Crete with Tristian and a friend of mine that had just had her baby. I made it a special priority that me, my mom and my Grandma go to visit a special man.. I have always known him as Great-Grandpa Peters.. I have never really gotten to know my Great Grandpa Peters as he has many Great-Grandchildren, but now there is a special connection - I gave birth to his very first Great-Great-Grandchild.. Tristian! I think it is amazing and I hope that one day Tristian will also realize how special these next few pictures are... by the way my Great Grandpa is 91 years old from this summer..

My Great Grandpa commented several times about Tristian's overalls, that they make them so small, and they look just like the real thing (they have that same little loop where my Great Grandpa would have put his hammer when he was working). He just couldn't get over that :)

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Stacey said...

That is really special! All of Rowan's Great Great grandparents are gone already.