Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our House

I was so excited today! I went to go and drop off the light fixtures for our house and I took some pictures to show you... The first one is the living room area and window, second is the bathroom, third the front entry, fourth the kitchen area and pantry and space where the fridge is gonna go (cupboards are not in yet), fifth is the dining room area facing south were the deck is gonna go one day :) enjoy!!

This is getting me so excited!! I can hardly wait until move in .. Dec 18!


Andrea said...

It looks super nice!! Now we'll for sure havta come and visit you one day and check out the new place!! :) Are you all packed up yet? Well, I'm very excited for you and your new place too! It looks the way, did you design it by yourself, or did someone else do it? Just wondering! :)

Stacey said...

I didn't realize you were building a new house!! Wow! I can't imagine having to pick out all of the things you need for a new house! Are you doing it mostly yourself, or did you hire people to build for you?

Ellen said...

we went with a home builder (Gordy Homes) they had the plan and lot already picked out.. they had three homes for us to choose from and i liked this one the best.. it's way easier this way cuz we dont' have the time to do the work ourselves (since Kevin is away a lot) but there were still so many things that i had to pick out.. it was so hard and i hope they all work out together.. i picked everything (paint/counter tops/carpets/etc) out in June so i don't remember everything exactly, so it's exciting to watch it come up.. and no we are not packed up yet :) so lots to do.. altho I did start packing yesterday.. and then I got sick so I haven't done anymore..